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Withdraw at your own peril
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Withdraw at your own peril

The long war to change the balance of power of the world, in terms of the number of people who live directly under democracy; so that the majority of people live directly under democracy; is not over. Indeed it has only begun. The need to embark on the process of changing, forcibly if necessary, every regime which tended toward officious kleptocracy, which tended toward the suffocation of individual liberty and which tended toward worthless diplomacy; such that these sorts of regimes became the exception rather than the norm; was brought home on the 11th September 2001. That day highlighted the danger of allowing state sponsors of anti-diplomatic behaviour, of terrorism and of hate; to run free while their people suffer in undemocratic subjugation. It was the darkest day of the post cold war era thusfar.

In response we have invaded every country and dependent territory in the world. In each case we have taken their sovereignty apart, we have taken their regimes apart, we have taken their governments apart and we have taken their powerful apart. We have reassembled these things, much like a clockmaker would have - with no discerning tell-tale marks; on the basis of them either being willing participants in the game of war that is underway, or of them being willing idiots on the global stage; ready to be lampooned for their idiocy. This has led to the division of the world into two camps: either you are relevant and valuable, or you are a source of entertainment, worthless for most every other reason.

Most of the sites of conflict both in the United States and abroad are arranged like this and in countries where there is a strong military junta, whether in power or not, there is a drive to relevance; while in most dependent territories, where there is a strong demand for subsidization, whether direct or consequential, there is a drive to relevance, albeit on a lower key. In the "please take notice of me" idiot camps, we have seen varying degrees of syphilis, gonorrhea and papillomavirus that have been manifested as tinpot littleman dictatorships or feeble brotherhoods at play in the garden of "Emperor's New Clothes" department stores. North Korea is awaiting it status as a target, and flounders in idiocy. There is no timeline for the removal of the crime syndicate which wages poverty on the northern part of the Korean peninsula. How can there be when the esteemed Kwame Nkrumah has appeared to succeed Kim II, replete with his private toilet? Gold or not, we wait to see.

For the rest of the warmongers and diplomatic retards (whom believe in the ideologies of the cold war) the sites of conflict have heated up quite significantly. Israel has all but decimated Palestine, with major spillover into Egypt, Jordan, Syria and Lebanon. It is clear that the path to security in this area of the Levant and the Middle East is the overthrow of the Arafat, Mubarak, Hussein, Assad and Chamoun regimes completely. By this I mean the overthrow of the logic which informs the behaviour of those in command of the resources of the state; that is itself a legacy of the logic which subsisted hitherto for and during the duration of the regimes as mentioned. We cannot allow the emergence of neo-colonial enterprises in this region. That is the existence of rule-from-afar dispositions must not be allowed. Neither Rome nor Riyadh must wag the tail or wiggle the stick in the Greater Israel Region. For constructive peace and productive development to flourish, we must unite these economies into a single free market and trade zone with expeditious zeal.

While China and Russia wage war against their own people through extortive working arrangements and extortive living arrangements and extortive democratic arrangements. Crime syndicates run rampant in Russia and China and exert control over the military and police and the government at large. Gone are the days of the punch-drunk gangster hauled over the gambling dens whilst chasing the ghost-dragon of a drug problem long since forgotten. Nowadays the extortive corruption is prevalent in every facet of life and is enduring regardless of the circumstance. Criminals operate with fair impunity and have no qualms about liquidating liabilities, whether material or human. This means that the China will pursue business as long and only for as long as the business subjects the people to poverty in exchange for labour and the prestige of the production of first world products. Russia on the other hand will pursue civil war only as long as civil war pays dividends for Bratva syndications playing Russian Roulette over the ownership of Spanish prisoners. Should we develop the means to manufacture ourselves; and should we engage in live and hot war games between ourselves; Russia and China will shut down; reverting to a straight-jack approach of criminal extortion outwardly applied to debtor nations.

Now we have seen the purveyance of a sort of farce, particularly in the Middle East and definitely in the Muslim League, that has said we, the Islamic Right want a sort of Islamic Democracy that is predicated on undemocratic theology. So where corrupt governments have been and are being overthrown, there has been a renewal of the corruption under differing guises. The Taliban has somehow survived and is now in the business of negotiating with the CIA it seems. The Yemenis are still for sale and there is now evidently oil in Yemen, if the forward sales are anything to go by. Iraq is an amazing place, it’s like Saudi Arabia but not quite so Wahabi – but give it time and Iraq will sing and dance like a Wahabi shiksa, in terms of human rights abuses. Are these examples of Sunni versus Shia conflicts or Saudi versus Iranian conflicts? Not really no, the troubles in Afghanistan stem from Afghanistan’s dominance of the black market for heroin; the drama in Yemen originates from Yemen’s near 150-year oil boon as yet untapped; and Iraq’s predilection for instability is not so much about oil as it is about The Babylons – ask Ali G what the significance of “The Babylons” is for the peddlers of the “shaven haven” – yes you guessed it, Iraq has a stake in the human trafficking business. Perhaps the contending crime syndicates are fronting these wars for their own gain, perhaps it’s a coincidence, either way people are dying.

The reason that the theatres of war have become focused on Afghanistan and Iraq is because irregular US soldiers have been involved with serving in the US military operations in these countries. By irregular I mean US citizens whom are not professional soldiers, they just served and now are either still serving or are “veterans” living in the US or elsewhere. These people have for reasons known only to themselves been bitching about the War Against Terror, and their bitching has popularised the notion that the War Against Terror is not a worthwhile endeavour. Let us be clear, if you take the pressure off the enemies of America; America will get hit, and hit hard. So this story about let us withdraw from Afghanistan, let us reduce and ultimately withdraw from Iraq is nonsense. It will ruin America. The enemies of America – those whom want democracy to be perverted for undemocratic means – will seize the opportunity and undo the gains of the last 20 years, almost overnight. We cannot allow this to happen.

If we go through the lists of client states, according to the earlier description, then we have client states that are relevant and valuable or worthless and stupid. Let us take the opportunity in the next 20 years to go into every worthless and stupid client state – and there are no countries or dependent territories that are not client states – and wage the War Against Terror, to effect change to bring democracy to power. Let us do this comprehensively and without dithering, because it doesn’t take much to switch Engels & Company off, to switch Marx & Company off, to switch Lenin & Company off, to switch Stalin & Company off, to switch Mao & Company off, to switch Kim & Company off, to switch Saud & Company off, to switch Wahab & Company off, to switch Pahlavi & Company off and to switch Khomeini & Company off; so if we are to do that, what is left out there that is perverting democracy for undemocratic ends? Nothing.

Hypothetically, if Wahab and Saud were removed from power in Saudi Arabia; and if a more democratic Saudi Arabia was to be arranged; would the world care? Similarly if Pahlavi and Khomeini were removed from power in Iran; and if a more democratic Iran was to be arranged; would the world care? For one thing the incestuous warmongering in the Middle East and Muslim League would stop and for once the people of the Middle East and the Muslim League would live directly under democracy. For another thing the hatred that exists in and among Muslim people of varying languages, sects, schools and ethnicities would recede and for once the people of the Prophet Mohomed (PBUH) and of Islam would live in constructive peace and enjoy productive development.

Additionally, if Australia and Canada (and their surrounding and neighbouring territories and islands) were appropriated for settlement by European and white people and development by European and white people, in a manner that created opportunities for European and white people to live in states of constructive peace, whilst enjoying productive development; there would be less consternation about the future of the European and white people of the world. These democracies are in their infancies and are ready to become the homes of European and white people who are looking to grow and develop to their full potential in stable, human rights orientated environments.

Now let us consider the mess that is Central and South America and say that the solution is loan funding for infrastructure development, urban planning and settlement construction. We need a culture of work in Central and South America that is going to sustain the economies of Central and South America in a manner that is not dependent on trade with North America. No, we are not asking the British, Portuguese, Spanish, Dutch and French to refinance the drug syndicates of Central and South America. No, we are not asking the world to traipse through the Amazon and through Patagonia as tourists. No, we are not asking the crime syndicates of Central and South America to steal the development money. We are asking the people of Central and South America to choose citizenship instead of vassal slavery. We are asking the people of Central and South America to choose democracy instead of subjugated criminality. We are asking the people of Central and South America to work, because work is salvation.

What’s up with Europe? It is so hell bent on political narcissism that it has forgotten to lead the world in a culture of social innovation. For that matter what about Japan? It is so apologetic for its excellence and success that it has forgotten to guide the world in a culture of ethical leadership. Where is the EU diplomatic missions that are democratising civil society all over the world? Where are the Japanese diplomatic missions that are emboldening corporate society all over the world? Why are these two great forces not playing their roles on the global stage to make the relevant and valuable client states all the more relevant and valuable?

It has long been the plan to unite South Asia in a new integrated open market economy that unleashed its productive potential. Georgia, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Iran, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Maldives, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, Burma/Myanmar, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Brunei, The Philippines and Taiwan united in a free trade and single currency zone that would enable each person to access their democratic right to prosperity through work and enterprise would inspire the global economy with a new megapower.

How about East Timor? Let’s ask Caixa Geral de Depositos of Portugal to endow a university in East Timor that will specialise in innovation, science and technology that is environmentally friendly, and let’s ask them to do this immediately. If we can spark the East Timor democracy and economy in a manner that develops East Timor sustainably and profitably, then there is hope for the developing world. East Timor barely existed on the 11th September 2001 and today it hasn’t reached its actual potential; so greater efforts need to be made as a part of the War Against Terror to save East Timor from oblivion. The jungle cannot reclaim with savagery the light of freedom that was established with democracy. What we need is a destination university to lead the world into the future.

Africa. The last continent to be saved from desolation. Is there a hope for democracy in Africa? Is there actually an African country which portends to be a possible location for democracy? So far, we have had the thieves, the cheats and the liars and still Africa is nowhere near its potential. All of the members of the African Union are bankrupt, so heavily leveraged that their people can never know prosperity in any lifetime. The original suggestion for the sustained investment in Africa to stimulate the base industries, the agrarian industries and the processing industries as a precursor to the stimulation of the consumer economy in a sustainable and non-inflation-driven manner seems to have been ignored in favour of tax the few whom work, borrow from your enemies and spend lavishly on the political class and their associates. Even African crime syndicates are broke and in a parlous state. If something is not done soon, in terms of the War Against Terror, Africa is going to be reduced to a series of war stories.

So it is clear that the War Against Terror is just getting started. With commitments on every continent, including Antarctica, the War Against Terror is going to be the action for social change that brings democracy to the world in a sustainable manner. What we need are more troops and more theatres of war, not fewer troops and the termination of the theatres of the War Against Terror; in order to be sure that there are no enemies of democracy lurking about, whether state sponsored or not, to attack the people who live directly under democracy, in a peaceful and intelligent manner.

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