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Vote Liberal

The only declared Liberal party for South Africa, the DA brings together Liberals, Liberal Conservatives and Liberal Theologicists in a manner that centres the family as the fundamental support system for the unique individuals who make up society. With a certain grasp of the role that belief plays in the wellness of the individual, the DA has proved itself to be better at governing than the National Party and the African National Congress. With many municipalities proving that the DA is effective and efficient at delivering public services; the DA has also proved that the Western Cape is the most proficient province of South Africa. So if you want your municipality to be like Cape Town, or if you want you province to be like the Western Cape, Vote DA!!!

According to me, Herman Mashaba is a Liberal or at very worst a Libertarian. Action South Africa is a Liberal party, even if it does not define itself as a Liberal party. With a keen sense of what is appropriate and what is in the best interest of the economy, Action SA looks set for a bright future as a serious alternative to the gonorrhea, syphilis and papillomavirus on offer from the African National Congress. We cannot deny that the ANC caused the HIV-AIDS epidemic in South Africa, with their dithering; factually none of the pharmaceutical companies, who produce ARV's were prepared to bribe the ANC to win a tender; and so there was no response from government. Tuberculosis has made a return in South Africa, in the extremely multidrug resistant forms; and the ANC government has been and is incapable of preventing the deadly mix of HIV-AIDS, Tuberculosis and Pneumoniae that has killed millions of South Africans with no consequences. Cyril Ramaphosa, unlike Herman Mashaba, is for sale; and the big pharmaceutical companies have peddled their SARS2CoV Vaccines successfully, so we are vaccinating South Africans, at great costs to the state for the original, now completely outdated, SARS2CoV virus that originated in 2018/9 in Wuhan, China. Factually the coronavirus of 2018/9 has mutated, and is mutating everyday in every country in a different way, so what we actually need is a series of South African vaccines for the series of South African strains, not just variations, of the SARS2CoV virus. But the ANC bigwigs won't get paid from this, so all the ANC government is doing is borrowing money from our enemies and buying expensive, irrelevant vaccines that won't protect against all the mutations and variations. Action SA is better than the ANC at making difficult decisions, because Action SA is not corrupt like the ANC. If you want real social development, not welfare dependence, Vote Action SA!!!

This is not a political party, says Mmusi Maimane, founder of the One SA Movement. This is a movement of activists who want to bring change to build one South Africa for all. Naturally being a politician, Mmusi Maimane has arranged for the One SA Movement to support individual candidates in the forthcoming elections, now in 2021 and then in 2024 when, we are told, individuals will be allowed to contest parliamentary seats. This means the organisational drive to promote activism in communities and on a local scale, will inform the policy-making of the politicians whom are supported by the One SA Movement. This can only be a good thing. If you want individuals to take responsibility for their own politics, then Vote One SA Movement!!!

South African Liberalism is brought together by Liberal South Africa which unlike Cricket South Africa is not neckdeep in their sponsors' pockets. Liberal South Africa promotes South Africa's tradition of Liberalism through education and personal development. It does not take sides in elections, choosing rather to support constitutional democracy and strengthen Liberalism. If you are voting in South Africa, choose a Liberal party and secure your own best interests!!!

Throughout Africa, individual people are awaking to the idea of their own independent individuality. Free from bondage, free from fear and free from oppression; Liberalism offers Africa a way out of the poverty and injustice that has been created by the Socialists who have ruled Africa since independence from colonialism. One country after the next has adopted Liberalism as their choice for government, with Liberal parties either in power, in governing coalitions or in opposition; at all levels of governments. This means that the African people can define themselves in terms of their own aspirations not in terms of the illogical nonsense of Engels-Marx-Lenin-Stalin-Mao or Kerensky-Trotsky-Dzerhinsky-Castro-Xiaoping. Too many African countries are tinpot little African dictatorships that serve as covers for crime syndicates that loot the public good and support the continued existence of failed states; where the people live in states of suffering and hardship while the elite live in luxury. To raise Africa out of the abortion bucket that its so-called liberators bore Africa into, Liberalism is investing in the future of individuals as instances of renewal and progress. Strong states, strong governments and strong countries need strong people, not strongmen leaders playing wargames. If you believe in the future of Africa, Vote Liberal!!!

Wherever you are in the world, there is a Liberal party for you. One that protects your individual liberties and promotes your individual opportunities. So, if you want the world to survive the devastation that Conservatism and Socialism has brought to bear everywhere, and that Nationalism depends upon; choose a Liberal party to advance the cause of Human Rights, Democracy and the Rule of Law. Vote Liberal!!!

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