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Vote DA
This time it's for real Mzanzi's in trouble We've been down to bottom And its all corrupted The government's gone mad Talking trash in the gutter They've sanitised social media So that it's no bother That fucking poes Hendrick Verwoerd He allegedly said way back when That Mzanzi'd give back Suid Afrika Or we'd be all quite dead Twenty-five years after The advent of democracy We were supposed to capitulate To the colonial greed But we're here, we're standing Strong and ready to fight No-one from Africa can tell Us to corrupt our plight We won't be bamboozled By where-where criminals lying Saying they've got a Juju That'll keep the Madibas styling We won't be conned by our Very own Bantu brethren either Whether they got masks Or better Mutis we don't care If you live here in Mzanzi Don't front for your hometown Mzanzi UNITED wherever you Have originally come from We ask that you consider The reality of Mandela's crew They've fought for South Africa For thirty long years it's true But the ANC is broken, It's fucked up properly for sure It can't make decisions, it can't even Show the corrupt ones out the door Everything the ANC does Turns to shit right well away Corrupted and Cadre'd it Gets fucked up by the Comrades And we have inspected the Other parties in parliament They all have something to offer But you can't bet on it We have chosen these Democrats Because they can handle the heat We've tested their Generals And they cannot be beat Whether the British or Americans Europeans or Asians come To tell us in the game That South Africa hasn't won The Russians can't beat these ou's They've got Bratva in spades The Chinese are afraid of The way the Democrats get paid The Democratic Alliance wins For all of South Africa first The Democratic Alliance pays For the South African thirst We will not promise you stars And rainbows and pipedreams And we are certain that the Syndicates will definitely agree The Democratic Alliance is Solvent unlike the bankrupt ANC The Democratic Alliance doesn't Need to use the tender lottery In playing the game, that pits Dog against dog, with money on the ground The Democratic Alliance is the best Hope we have in every Mzanzi town I have fought for Liberty and have Played every game in the world I have broken every service in Every government's name and turn I'm telling you the facts that Are relevant at this time No magic, no luck, no bribe And no kickback waiting on any line The Democratic Alliance will win And make a solvent government The Democratic Alliance won't get Fucked up while solving it We can prove that we don't take Instructions from those stealing The Democratic Alliance will fight For God-given national healing There's no better time to choose To Vote for the DA The other options are weak And can't fight for you anyway We see that there are pretenders Who choon lakker and wys GOOD But what happens to principles When the ANC offers loot We hear the stories and Soap operas from the defectors Who left the DA to start their Factions up with lectures But seriously are they Liberal It seems only time will tell We can't trust them this time As the country's at stake as well So wherever you are Mzanzi I hope you're safe and secure And please vote DA when the Elections come knocking on your door.

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