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Republic of Corruption
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Republic of Corruption
Has anyone else actually noticed That the public good is fucked completely Res publica is shattered and lies In fragments of disconnected bleating We've created nothing new since April 1994’s democratic dispensation A few overpriced infrastructure projects All of which were planned before liberation Progressively the public good has been degraded And dragged down to the locus of the mud hut We have regressed and begun tolerating An uncivilised behavioural dung rut Where is the freedom we were promised When we agreed to tolerate the congress corruption? Where is the opportunity we have deserved Since before the new South African polarisation? Why do some people get paid even though They do no work and just pass the time? Why do some people keep their jobs even Though they're corrupting their office lines? Millions are starving, the social grants Only buy food for a few days, it’s a shame Many more millions are homeless ‘cos Living on the street or in a shack is the same Our politicians have created a class of lepers Corrupt to the core, paid by the state They waste time all day, doing minimal work And get paid a fat wage for their hate That’s all they are, fat cheerleaders who Hate any opposition to the government’s theft They clamour for more catering and the use Of department vehicles for another sho’t left Social media on cellphones paid for by the Government constitutes “work” for some No-more “t-shirts and caps” these comrades Wear designers to cover their fat bums When will Mandela come back from the dead HALALA MADIBA HALALA, to reign supreme All we see is crooked cadres, short-paid Kickbacks, newspaper shame and dirty deals Even the cops aren’t benefitting, they should Have cleaned up during the lockdown vacation Unfortunately Cyril, the Jerusalema shenanigan On Braai Day can’t save this broken nation Let each province go free, with its own Constitution, let each manage their own affairs End the cross-subsidisation that is keeping Potemkin alive outside of the eight metros!

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