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Reality of South Africa
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Reality of South Africa

The Democratic Alliance and its members distance themselves from the damage done to South Africa over the last 30 years and do not expect that any self-respecting South African should associate themselves in anyway with the destruction and theft of the public good that has been the nature of the occurrences of the last 30 years. The process of rebuilding South Africa is open to all whom believe in the promise and potential of South Africa and the South Africans. The Democratic Alliance is working hard to create "One Nation with One Future built on Freedom, Fairness, Opportunity and Diversity for All" and invites you to join them in this work.

Action SA is horrified that after looting the state for 30 years, the ANC and its splinter groupings, have in the name of the imprisoned Jacob Zuma, wrought such havoc and devastation on parts of the country that ostensibly support the ANC and its policies. This is a case of Jacob Zuma's hearth burning down his own hut; and it is illogical in the extreme. The ANC led government has failed in its management of the COVID State of Disaster, has failed to implement a State of Defence, as would reasonably be expected; and has failed to implement a State of Emergency, as is needed. Factually opportunistic thuggery and rampant looting is intrinsic to the culture of the ANC and its splinter groupings and for them they are simply allowing the disorder to buy the next two elections with stolen televisions and appliances rather that with their traditional t-shirts, airtime and food parcels. South Africa needs to decide that it does not want to end up being a 3rd world basket case, a tinpot little African dictatorship or just another failed African state. The time to act is now, join Action SA today!!!

One SA calls on every South Africa to seek forgiveness for their wrongdoings. We are all human, all fallible and we have all done things in some way, incorrectly. The criminality of the last 30 years and indeed the recent spate of criminality is indeed the work of those who choose stealing over work, who choose shortcuts over doing things correctly and who choose their delusions of entitlement over responsible citizenship. We cannot allow South Africa to be divided any longer, we must work to establish One South Africa for all South Africans. One SA calls on every South African to volunteer this Nelson Mandela Day to improve South Africa in any way that they can. It is time for the people to take back their democracy. Mayibuye South Africa, Mayibuye!!!

The Freedom Front Plus is dissatisfied with the quality of leadership demonstrated by the ANC over the last 30 years, and has said so consistently and on many occasions. Factually the president and the former president have continued their disagreements from the ANC's 2017 conference at Nasrec; where CR17 defeated NDZ; in the public space to the detriment of the people of South Africa. All South Africans have been affected by the selfishness of the ANC and its puppet-parties that pretend to fight with ANC, but then visit Nkandla for tea with JZ. It is a terrible state of unprofessional politicking from a mob of criminals who parade as politicians. The VF+ offers the people of South Africa a viable alternative to the chaos and looting of the ANC, with strict policies that protect human and economic rights and which promote work and craftsmanship as the fundamental components of a prosperous, industrialised society. We have seen an assault on our farmers over the last 30 years that has discouraged all but the very optimistic and brave from farming; and now we are dealing with the looting in the form of expropriation without compensation. The VF+ urges and welcomes all South Africans to Stand Up, Stand Together and Stand Firm!!!

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