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One Settler, One Bullet
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One Settler, One Bullet
I'll keep it real short and get to my message Stay on point and be straight with the prestige One Settler One Bullet is the way of the game In South Africa where everyday is the same The rich get sicker and the poor get stupider Our money is worthless and we fire our workers People of every sort from Southern African places Arriving everyday to get on their fortunate faces The first nation don't like being called Bushmen They say no to the Khoikhoi or San label of them One Settler One Bullet is no damn dirty shame From the Okavango they came and settled this fame The Okavangoans are settlers and outsiders too They came from Okavango and settled here it's true Branded as Khoisan but in fact many peoples they are ǃke e꞉ ǀxarra ǁke is the story of diversity so far The second nation are offended when called Bantu And if you distinguish between Nguni and Tswana-Sotho They'll call you a racist because they are paranoid About their feeble claims to being indigenous Bantoids One Settler One Bullet must be the national war cry The Bantus are Congolese from Congolese tribes They settled here after the first nation came along But now the Bantus deny being settlers in throngs The third nation arrived by boat from far off lands Determined to trade with the oriental merchants They settled at the Cape and then later at Natal Then they settled around the rivers Orange and Vaal One Settler One Bullet for every European is just Their colonial domination interrupted the thrust Of tribal spears and the clubbing of bodies to death With colonial guns and colonial ideas of working sweat The fourth nation arrived with the Dutch as Malay slaves They were brought to the Cape to be worked to their graves They are settlers so the logic must apply to them too Their slavery and hardship doesn't exempt their hue One Settler One Bullet must be the way it is even now dealt The Malays are settlers who enriched the Europeans' wealth They brought many things as an advanced society of blacks They upgraded the Bushmen and that is a very serious fact The fifth nation arrived in indenture and worked as slaves Building the agricultural industries and the railways From India they settled and became real South Africans But settlers they are so their story here doesn't begin One Settler One Bullet the Indians are not reprieved The Indians got protection from the British to believe So what if they are fighters that brought their Gandhi too They are settlers so they don't get away from the truth The sixth nation arrived quite recently as Chinese To live and to work and to develop their industries But they are considered Black in terms of our law That forces them to keep giving the Bantus some more One Settler One Bullet the Chinese must get nailed too There can be no protection for settlers in this zoo So it stands that no matter what they have done The Chinese are settlers and here ends their fun The seventh nation is made up of settlers from everywhere In small numbers they have gathered to live right here They're not Bushmen, not Bantu, not European and not Malay They're also not Indian and not Chinese by their ways One Settler One Bullet for every scraggly one of them In too small a number to be considered their own nation This must be it and the way that we handle this treason No settler must escape from this justice and reason But what of the Coloureds, the mixed race of a nation Are they not a people of their own for this occasion They are made up of combinations of the seven nations So they don't get their own national segregation One Settler One Bullet they are settlers by descent Don't let them claim to be the only South Africans We have covered the population and have counted all The Coloureds are included and they too will fall So this is the reality that we have arrived at now We are a country of seven nations of settlers wow One Settler One Bullet is the law of this land And there can be no variation of this great plan One Settler One Bullet will mow down the settlers fast Killing everyone and everybody until the very last The only problem is that this will never ever be read Because everyone in South Africa is now all very dead!

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