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No, Thank You
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No, Thank You

I grew up believing that the mayor was the chief beggar representing the band of beggars chosen from among the people of our city to beg for the corporation which was responsible for providing municipal infrastructure and services. Municipality things were always inferior to privately owned things. This was because the municipality through the corporation had a limited budget. Councillors and aldermen were never paid well. Municipal workers were never paid well. The municipal and corporation people were never well off. Helping out the corporation, municipality and city was like charity. Those people were always asking for help with things. To put it bluntly the mayor was a beggar for hire as a result of his gambling problem. Leading businessmen would often boast about how the mayor, councillors and aldermen were not in a position to dictate anything to them. They were owned, paid for and controlled. This meant that the mayor, councillors and aldermen were perpetually in politician-mode, begging.

This meant that the suppliers to the corporation were predetermined and that the corporation would do as much of the work required itself as was possible. There wasn’t corruption in the ordinary sense. Suppliers were taxed for discounts, never bribes. And the gambling problems of the mayor, councillors and aldermen were paid by the businessmen who volunteered to pay for them – there wasn’t a quid pro quo because the system was open, anyone with a million dollar gambling problem could bid to buy the mayor, councillors and aldermen and anyone who wanted in on that action would be taxed for discounts and be forced to supply the corporation – which wasn’t a good thing, payments from the corporation were always slim and late. We actually felt sorry for the businessmen who paid for the mayors, councillors and aldermen, and we felt more sorry for the businessmen who had to supply the corporation.

Looking at how things have changed with a fraud, extortion, larceny, racketeering and corruption organisation system preoccupied with spending the municipality’s or corporation’s money whether earned through rates, taxes and services or borrowed through bonds and loans – to the extent of spending the money in a predetermined manner not through contractors who actually owe for their associations with the mayor, councillors and aldermen – but rather through the mayor, councillors and aldermen themselves, reveals the need for the public service in the municipality to be corrupt so that the party in favour of corruption, contracts itself to supply from other persons, what is needed by the municipalities or corporations. This is what the party in favour of corruption is chasing – crumbs from the corporation’s expenditure. That’s like stealing from a garbageman. That’s how socially inferior and unsophisticated the party in favour of corruption is – stealing with and from corporation workers. That’s low class criminality.

What problems do the ruling politicians and public servants have? None. Not one South African public official, politician, public servant or employee has a gambling problem (in real terms) – they’re all dead according to the actual bookmakers. Sure some of them might place bets on races or games – but that’s not a gambling problem worth a million dollars. A million dollar gambling is “pay a million dollars or die” – not one person from the African National Congress, Economic Freedom Fighters, Inkatha Freedom Party or Freedom Front Plus has a million dollar gambling problem – they are literally all dead and don’t exist. And that’s funny because the vast majority of the traditional leaders are accounted for by those parties. We live in a banana republic where even the kings are mere beggars.

All of this leads to the conclusion that the low class politics that we have witnessed since 1994 has been in aid of stealing from the public good. Res Publica. This somehow has created a condition whereby those who want to supply the state, the republic, the governments and the parastatals of South Africa, whether of the local municipality, district municipality, metropolitan municipality, province or national sphere, need only pay off the handlers of the tenders that preceded the expenditure. Basically they must pay someone to get contracts from them. That’s all. They don’t need to buy anyone, they don’t need to pay for anyone, nothing like that. The whole system has shifted eastwards with the average South African and thus the average South African politico becoming embroiled in a Chan farting badluck into someone’s life. For the poor people who don’t know any better the domestic workers of the pre-1994 South Africa had better Juju than the leaders of the ANC, EFF, IFP and FF+ in post-1994 South Africa. FACT.

You see you can be bought or won by a Chan (Chinese word for Toad) and then it’s a straight forward behavioural problem tied to money, so either you borrow, gamble, play games, drink, take drugs, steal, watch television, abuse other people, abuse yourself or engage in some other destructive act, all the while being directed by someone else’s diabetes, heart disease, tuberculosis, HIV-AIDS, kidney disease, liver disease or cancer among other diseases. It’s badluck dressed up as “goodluck” for the poor and uneducated. Yes, in feng shui, the Jin Chan and Chan Chu are regarded as things that bring in money – but if that were true no Chinese business would ever close down. Add to this the immutable fact that Jin, Chan and Chu are all permanently blind and deaf without any hope whatsoever and we see that the Chinese curse people with Chan when they don’t pay their debts.

So we have established that the people represented by the ANC, EFF, IFP and FF+ are cursed with badluck from China and are diseased and therefore incapable of working efficiently – why then is there this drive to get people like me to employ such people, associate with such people and promote such people within our organsiations? Does the architect of the drive to adopt BBBEE, Thabo Mbeki, want me to become sick or worse to become cursed with Chinese badluck? Is he trying to ruin my business and ruin my work? That’s just terrible. The people so-Chan-ned don’t have million dollar gambling problems, they can’t pay a million dollars to save each life of theirs, according to the one Chan one life rule. The people so-Chan-ned might at best have expensive drug problems in personation rackets – where if they don’t hand over the money they stole they get demoted in the drug syndicate and lose their status. You see pathetic Chan-nels like this posing as celebrities luxuriating in the odour of their own fart and tripping to run a badluck racket (their business) to get money to make it seem like they are important or wealthy.

If it’s so heinous why are all the private corporations falling over themselves to get BBBEE status? It’s cheapline badluck from a Chinese CHan-Fart – not CHF in a private Swiss bank. Is it because doing business in the public sector is so lucrative? Huh? Really? There’s no money coming in from investments, there’s no money coming in from taxes and there’s no money coming in from services – there is a gaping budget deficit (what the state earns versus what the state plans to spend) and the public sector bonds are junk. BORROW. This amazing concept of borrow from the Chinese and get Chinese Chan Badluck (the real CCB) “for free” seems to be in the cheapline (we actually say “sposhan”) mentality of the ANC, EFF, IFP and FF+ which drives South Africa ever further into economic devastation. I would mention Patricia de Lille but the Chinese Chan Badluck that’s in her life and party is so bad “paddetjie” skeems he’s a “Malay GOODLUCK vannie Kaap”. So that co-opted ex-democrat can’t be absolved anytime soon. Cheapline is as Cheapline does and goes.

I personally consider the state, the republic, the governments and the parastatals of South Africa to be charities that beg me to pay for them so that South Africa’s diplomats don’t simply disappear overnight with cultural offices, trade offices, consulates, embassies and high commissions simply abandoned in the darkness. I will be honest. I have several million dollar gambling problems, I have several million dollar behavioural problems, I buy and win clients, hostages and Spanish prisoners and I work really hard to keep my place in my life, given what I am, where I am from and what my responsibilities are – there are very few South Africans who actually exist – and being a part of a forgery and personation racket does not constitute existence – and sadly none of the existent Southern Africans are “Bantoid”. There are a few white people and a few Indian people (all of whom are related to each other – in fact to be honest, it’s just my family). The Chinese died and became a sub-Asian (from Indian) species decades ago – that’s’ why the Chinese work so hard and why the Chinese are so superstitious – neither of which things excuse them for dumping badluck through Chan maneuvers though. Build and invest energy into things and all your badluck will go from you into those things.

So unfortunately Thambo, I am not seeking Bantoid employees, managers, directors, shareholders or customers, clients, agents, suppliers, contractors or associates – you can take your raft of BBBEE type concepts and voetsak back to the shebeen in which we found you. I am a firm believer in animals that prey on other animals and I cannot be persuaded to change my approach just because I could be offered billions of Rands from the state, the republic, the governments and the parastatals of South Africa. My firms are not BBBEE compliant and never will be. There is one Black, African, Dravidian, Tamil man that does all of work and gets all of the rewards – and he doesn’t (I mean I don’t) want any badluck passengers – if that means that I don’t share in the loot stolen from the South African public sector, so be it. Therefore Thambo, you have offered me BBBEE and related illogic and I say, “No thank you”.

Southern Africa (SADC Territory) has fallen and the Southern Africans are defeated and extinct. Your BBBEE and related illogic will not change this situation for the better. Allow us, the only Southern Africans in existence and the West Africans, Central Africans, East Africans and North Africans to work as African Union citizens in South Africa. Why must you clamour for opportunity for “black” people when you actually mean only the Bantoid Coloured people of South Africa. Your dishonesty is indicative of South Africa being or becoming a failed state. And before you react; Nyanga, Nganga, Inyanga, Inganga, Sangoma, Zangoma, Isangoma and Izangoma are defeated throughout the SADC Territory, they were part of the Chinese Chan Badluck network. I have agreed to pay for SADC Open Market, but if the RSA component led by the MK/ANC Brigade of Chans steals from what is for the public good (Res Publica), I will stop paying for SADC Open Market and start paying for AU Open Market. As you know I don’t need airplanes and airports or ships and seaports to bring existent Africans to South Africa – I will just make them here. Unlike the poverty-stricken Guptas I have my own Juju.

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