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No, Thabo – You’re Wrong!
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No, Thabo – You’re Wrong!

The ANC is not "Too big to Fail"

The ANC is not essential for the survival of South Africa

If the ANC collapsed, South Africa would not be ungovernable

In fact...

If the ANC collapsed, the remnants of the ANC's various crime syndicates would descend into chaos, killing each other, rendering the ANC community of South Africa, ungovernable.

We the law abiding South Africans would simply defend ourselves, our families, our homes and our businesses against the criminals from the ANC whom would be scrambling over each other for some sort of access to the state's coffers.

That's what is happening in South Africa at the moment. Honest people work, honest people save, honest people pay their taxes. Then the ANC ministers find out how much tax was paid by the honest people and then the ANC ministers add in the amounts the ANC is borrowing from its bumchums; and finally the ANC ministers advertise how much the government is going to spend. Then the crime syndicate known as the ANC springs into action, forming itself into a suitable set of contractors to be paid all of the money that the government is spending. They then share the loot among their ANC comrades and cadres.

So we don't actually need the ANC. I have it on very good authority that my people want only R15million Rands to reprogram South Africa to get rid of the ANC from all offices completely. My people, Thabo, are the ones that the ANC's London office contracted between 1987 and 1996 to reprogram South Africa to put the ANC in all sorts of offices. Those ANC London office cadres are all dead to me now - because they enabled your corruption and the corruption of the ANC in general. That's how cheap the ANC is at this time. No amount of Nigerian scams will save the ANC now.

So, Thabo, you're wrong.

Thank you very much, yours sincerely Avishkar

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