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My Racism
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My Racism
My editor thinks I'm a racist I can hear her thoughts when she reads my work She feels that my bigotry shows When I pen words that disparage the broad church My political party doesn't believe in racism In fact its liberal hue condemns The very notion of discrimination Upholding the sovereignty of individuals instead But that is no protection for me at any rate You see I'm a banned person in fate The government banned my appearances and Proscribed my writings as liberal hate I chose to condemn corruption, To vilify the abysmal fraud that creeps silently I chose to alienate the graft that came So naturally to Durban's smugglers mightily But I did something else that perhaps I cannot live down as easily today I phoned 0123456789 and made demands That I backed up with my secret game In the shadows and the unknown In the ways and means and the deathly telephone I played a game so violent That I overthrew the apartheid state's very own And as a child, a little boy, a humble slave Chained as I was to eight fake sheiks I suffered and was abused, I was injured and Accused, I was beaten and killed to make The opportunities for those who chose Blackmail and fraud to pay for their magic And mechanisms for those who chose Murder and blackmail to pay for their logic But wait, that's not all My service was another matter, of its own dimension I was required to work and to pay for Those who wanted to withhold without mention They sought to defraud my master Who policed the border and the underdeclaration They wanted of course the protection of my master In their dealings with the nation And I was called upon to make up the difference To keep those big deals solvent For if it emerged that they had stolen from my master They would have become completely irrelevant This was all in a day's work For an earnest and enthusiastic one-two-three Made in the line as a six by six That's thirty-six looking exactly like me And yet that was not all that could be done That was only two brotherhoods So it was that again, my person would be summoned And recourses made and took To pay the third and most important It would fall to me at every turn and time For the clients that we kept were self-important And of self-delusional lines This done, my one-two-three's would not rest yet For as I said there were eight That means that there were two for each of four And that the last was most awake His only claim was that we should not be Dishonest and never be indolent or porcine However as I said they were eight fake sheiks And they were running away with mine This meant a very swift deal to leverage The clean people into overlooking the Chinese And with some heavy dollaring the business dogs Would claim that they had been Senegalese So it was every day, my life was a constant scam A repetition of paying for lives Bartered and delivered in a process of payoffs And claims to make possible the times You see in this business it is permissible To buy the lives of clients who have problems And I am associated with and I do work for The eight venerated shaiks pictured above This was turned by criminals and apartheid apparatchiks Into a sinister portmanteau That sought to control, to subvert resistance And to do dirty deals without virtue Of paying off some Africans who favoured money And were prepared to support apartheid But doing so while running away under The guise of those who opposed the hate So that the white bosses, die wit base Could never be accused of buying protection From Pekkies, Kaffirs and Gollywogs From Bruinous and Coolies or from Communists So their game was simple, it was played commonly In blackmail, murder and extortion They would steal from the local blacks In the names of the Nigerians with potions They would steal from the Nigerians In the names of the Senegalese with fake sheiks They would steal from the Senegalese In the names of the Americans with great hate And then they would steal from the Americans For the benefit of the NIS slush funds They called it BOSS, they called it CCB But it was blackmail, murder and extortion They targeted black leaders, black business people White verraaiers and the like They went after anyone who dared to disobey or Who dared to question apartheid's right To be sure they played a different game With the white people who were well behaved The framed the communists and socialists As criminals and ensured the Americans got paid The NIS was pervasive, it was all knowing and omniscient But the fact is that it stole And it stole from me and my eight venerated shaiks All of whom despised apartheid's whole Approach and demeanour, its very racist and Obvious hated based mechanisms for control But of all my people disliked the dishonesty of Apartheid, the hypocrisy as I was told So in the early 1980's we overthrew the Apartheid state and then the NIS made a dirty plan With the Americans to recreate the Apartheid state and its neighbouring Bantu homelands The President's and Prime Minister's offices Were united, an Executive was created The South Africa that emerged was engineered By Delegates and Representatives so mated The white people were completely dead My people had killed the white South Africans Remade white deadsuits with a record of stealing Zombie voodoo from the Americans This was the background which had the Liberation movements include the tribal authorities Here we saw the coming together of the black people United without their separate calamities It was an easy game from 1984 to 1987 Just three years of denial for the national supremists They had to pretend that apartheid hadn't already fallen That the whiteman wasn't defeated From 1984 to 1987, every possible black negotiator Was considered and comprehended Those that were entirely criminal So caught up in the NIS scams, were told to forget it We found in London a group of ANC cadres Who were not quite socialist in their making And we set about negotiating for their participation In apartheid's very last undertaking It wasn't Mandela, it wasn't Sisulu It certainly wasn't Tambo, it wasn't even the ANC proper No, we had the NIS and they had the apartheid government And officials and we had the showstopper The Executive State President, Mnr Botha A broken dog on a leash in our very own pony show We defeated the NIS at their own game and introduced The London connections for negotiations to go Ever opposed to the Delegates and Representatives The Natal Indian Congress stood for ANC And so it was that the talks began between Congress and Broederbond as proxy for the NP 1987 rolled around and by this time Lusaka had taken over The Senegalese were quite pleased The apartheid regime was finished Incapable of so much as a rumour, they were already fleeced Thus we came to the final push from 1987 onwards Every time the ANC won the NP would cry And rally round the criminals who still had NIS debts to pay To leverage discord and buy Some time to figure out where they could go for help Given that the ANC was protected And every time they would capitulate and give in To the demands for freedom as suggested The knives were out, Botha down, De Klerk at the helm The white deadsuits were scrambling Desperate to stay afloat and not look the fool The National Party started haggling How much control and how much right would We be prepared to accept, now not clinging To the silly plan of a federation of eleven Independent South African countries whinging They had accepted the undoing of apartheid and The reunification of South Africa in fact They had come to the conclusion that Their useful black idiots credibility did lack But it took some machinations, some devilish manoeuvres To telephone NIS on 0123456789 To demand the release of the political prisoners And an end to apartheid's dirty crime The Senegalese watched and waited as The white deadsuits reacted and gave way to reason It was thus no surprise when Mnr De Klerk Announced the coming of our impending freedom The rest is history and it has been told The story of 1990 to 1994 and our negotiations The story of the last 26 years from 1994 to 2020 Has been recorded with commendations But the point of this history lesson is quite simply this My racism is not really there I fell out with Mandela, I fell out with Sisulu I fell out with Tambo and his heirs I brought Ahmadu Bamba and Ibra Fall to put South Africa To work so that it could stand tall I was told South Africa wanted entitlement and a free ride No work and just money for nothing at all I brought Ahmed Tijan and Malik Sy to lift South Africa Out of inequality, poverty and unemployment I was told South Africa wanted employment equity Expenditure tenders and black empowerment I brought Muhamadu Laye and Abdul Qadir to remake South Africa So that it would not be diseased I was told South Africa wanted venal problems Entrapment in Maslow's hierarchy and greed But the worst thing was when the ANC, began to behave Like the NP of old, in its preferentiality Treating rich South Africans like marks to be robbed And poor South Africans like rubbish dirty It is not simply the flawed logic of preferring To give some blacks opportunity over others It is not just the hypocrisy which says that we must Enrich the politically connected brothers But it is the corruption which ruined the state and Trashed the economy of our little nation And it is the gross malfeasance which we have recorded And preserved as evidence for an occasion You see, the NIS, didn't have any real technology It was just a bankrupt client that thought ill And which tried to blackmail, murder and extort Everyone that it could for the purposes of its mill And when we transitioned to democracy and the rule of law The ANC didn't bring much of anything So in the process of uniting and recreating the Intelligence services, they hadn't a song to sing Instead of blackmail, murder and extortion to fill NIA slush funds, the ANC chose self-enrichment To line the pockets of the comrades, the cadres The political appointees and ANC representatives The whole house of cards isn't even a pyramid scheme It’s just a mutually negotiated swine-trough The ANC is weak, unprotected and incapable of any Intelligence - it just chows and laughs a lot We haven't invested in the African National Congress And we haven't invested in South Africa We haven't liberated South Africa's people They're still trapped as deadsuits with Malaika We're waiting for South Africa to be liberated From the negotiated settlement between Baas and Boer That said we'll reunite South Africa and keep The logic of apartheid to fuel hate across the floor The ANC is not the answer, it doesn’t have the class While the other political parties are from apartheid My own political party was started by me on a whim To unite two apartheid phenomena and drive it With liberalism and an open society mindset That would actually deliver the rule of law and democracy And free enterprise and a market economy to guarantee Personal liberties, rights and responsibilities So I don't know why I'm considered racist I do not respect shoddy or atrocious work ethics in any way I work with black African people every day agreeably not South African people but that is on my say When South Africa wants self-respect and responsibility We will respond enthusiastically in kind But until South Africa pulls it collective head Out of its collective arse, we will not be defined As pro South African or even in favour of South Africa We cannot in good conscience condone The recycling of apartheid crimes and the Discrimination conducted against individuals alone.

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