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The purpose of this service Is to deliver to you Your very own Mahatma A great soul indeed to do The things that need doing In your life of work That must now be done To defeat that which lurks Round every corner On every street and exchange Silently creeping invisibly Knowing all the ways That you have secreted About your person and home The things that keep you safe Even when you roam About with your business And in aid of your life So that you do not become A victim to the strife And that which protects Your beloved family dear So that they grow and achieve And steer well clear Of danger, disaster, famine Sadness and misery But enjoy the benefits Of their work and pedigree And in all things knowingly Participate freely With all justice protecting Them quite equitably The things of which I speak Have many names now From many places, many hands And many maddening crowds They all have one thing Instilled in them all fast An intrinsic hatred of Something that seems to last This hate is not directed At yourself for the most But feeds off your fears And paranoia as the host And weasels its way into Your life and work quietly That is if you do not Destroy it with finality Some will tell you that It is impossible to do That you must tolerate Some misfortune holding you We feel quite clearly That is not the case in fact And are prepared to fight For your life and your back Choose how much Mahatma You want us to give to you Pay for it, receive it and Let us create the world view That says you can be safe Secure and most fortunate Without misery and trauma Hanging about at your gate We promise to be swift In our effort and delivery And that you will feel The benefits immediately MicroGene brings you Mahatma for your great pride Let us begin to uplift You and your whole tribe.

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