No, Thabo – You’re Wrong!

The ANC is not “Too big to Fail” The ANC is not essential for the survival of South Africa If the ANC collapsed, South Africa would not be ungovernable In fact… If the ANC collapsed, the remnants of the ANC’s various crime syndicates would descend into chaos, killing each other, rendering the ANC community of… Continue reading No, Thabo – You’re Wrong!

Write Your Own

AVISHKAR 2022/2023 AVISHKAR 2023/2024 AVISHKAR 2024/2025 AVISHKAR 2025/2026 AVISHKAR 2026/2027 AVISHKAR 2027/2028 AVISHKAR 2028/2029 AVISHKAR 2029/2030 AVISHKAR 2030/2031 AVISHKAR 2031/2032 AVISHKAR 2032/2033 AVISHKAR 2033/2034 AVISHKAR 2034/2035 AVISHKAR 2035/2036 AVISHKAR 2036/2037 AVISHKAR 2037/2038 AVISHKAR 2038/2039 AVISHKAR 2039/2040 AVISHKAR 2040/2041 AVISHKAR 2041/2042 AVISHKAR 2042/2043 AVISHKAR 2043/2044 AVISHKAR 2044/2045 AVISHKAR 2045/2046 AVISHKAR 2046/2047 AVISHKAR 2047/2048 AVISHKAR 2048/2049 AVISHKAR… Continue reading Write Your Own


Please read this pamphlet… The Future of Liberalism


SALSA Free Societies Need Free Minds This Is The Solution For South Africa Avishkar Govender is the Founder, the Member-for-Life and the Executive Director of SALSA. Membership of SALSA is closed and is constituted of the SALSA Alumni, whom were members of SALSA when they were students; and whom are now the SALSA Members. To… Continue reading SALSA

Order of Saint Valluvar

The Thiru Valluvar Centre is a division of 3i. It’s purpose is to bring the English translation of the Thiru Kural of Thiru Valluvar, by Kaviyogi Maharishi Shuddhananda Bharathi, to life as a form of political, economic, social, socio-cultural, theological, technological, legal and environmental praxis that will inform and regulate the behaviour of statecraft, statecrafters,… Continue reading Order of Saint Valluvar

Letter to the Presidency

HE The President Republic of South Africa Your Excellency, The South African Liberal Students Association condemns in the strongest terms the recent spate of political violence that has been perpetrated by the African National Congress. We therefore find it impossible to continue tolerating the African National Congress. Thank you very much, yours sincerely Avishkar Govender… Continue reading Letter to the Presidency

Shaheen Hoosen: Sawubona South Africa, Rise South Africa!

#RebuildSA Sawubona South Africa An Everyday South African Perspective South Africa together working towards collective growth, collective learning, collective prosperity, collective development and collective understanding all for the collective greater good. Written for no other reason than the belief that “I am because We are”. If you want to go fast, go alone… If you… Continue reading Shaheen Hoosen: Sawubona South Africa, Rise South Africa!

Do you remember when?

NATIONAL PEACE ACCORD   The Presidents of the ANC and IFP met together with their respective delegations for wide-ranging discussions. Discussions were frank, meaningful and productive and were conducted in a sprit of mutual respect and concern for the future. Out of these discussions there has come a determination to seek ways and means of… Continue reading Do you remember when?

What would Madiba do?

Verbatim Speech: My Lord, I am the First Accused. I hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Arts and practised as an attorney in Johannesburg for a number of years in partnership with Mr. Oliver Tambo, a co-conspirator in this case. I am a convicted prisoner serving five years for leaving the country without a permit and… Continue reading What would Madiba do?