81 – 90: Hospitality

Men set up home, toil and earn 81 To tend the guests and do good turn. To keep out guests cannot be good 82 Albeit you eat nector-like food. Who tends his guests day in and out 83 His life in want never wears out. The goddess of wealth will gladly rest 84 Where smiles… Continue reading 81 – 90: Hospitality

71 – 80: Loving-Kindness

What bolt can bar true love in fact 71 The tricking tears reveal the heart. To selves belong the loveless ones; 72 To oth’rs the loving e’en to bones. Soul is encased in frame of bone 73 To taste the life of love alone. Love yields aspiration and thence 74 Friendship springs up in excellence.… Continue reading 71 – 80: Loving-Kindness

41 – 50: Married Life

The ideal householder is he 41 Who aids the natural orders there. His help the monk and retired share, 42 And celibate students are his care. By dutiful householder’s aid 43 God, manes, kin, self and guests are served. Sin he shuns and food he shares 44 His home is bright and brighter fares. In… Continue reading 41 – 50: Married Life