Some Charitable Means

Dear South Africa This is the offer: Own Murder Destroy Kill Blackmail Extort Collect Incinerate Terminate Exterminate Suppress Repossess Orchestrate Operate Work Network In respect of: Durban-Dakar, Dakar-Durban Durban-Bathurst, Bathurst-Durban Durban-Lagos, Lagos-Durban Durban-Monrovia, Monrovia-Durban Kaapstad-Dakar, Dakar-Kaapstad Kaapstad-Bathurst, Bathurst-Kaapstad Kaapstad-Lagos, Lagos-Kaapstad Kaapstad-Monrovia, Monrovia-Kaapstad Cape Town-Dakar, Dakar-Cape Town Cape Town-Bathurst, Bathurst-Cape Town Cape Town-Lagos, Lagos-Cape Town Cape… Continue reading Some Charitable Means

A New Vision For Durban

My city needs a new vision. The one we crafted in the early 1980’s has run its course. Naturally we did not countenance the establishment of 580 informal settlements or the demand that would be placed upon Durban as the sole economic engine of KwaZulu-Natal. How could we have? In the early 1980’s we were… Continue reading A New Vision For Durban

The Theory of Moral Sentiments (Part 5)

Chap. I : Of the Influence of Custom and Fashion upon our Notions of Beauty and Deformity There are other principles besides those already enumerated, which have a considerable influence upon the moral sentiments of mankind, and are the chief causes of the many irregular and discordant opinions which prevail in different ages and nations… Continue reading The Theory of Moral Sentiments (Part 5)

The Theory of Moral Sentiments (Part 3)

Chap. I : Of the Principle of Self-approbation and of Self-disapprobation In the two foregoing parts of this discourse, I have chiefly considered the origin and foundation of our judgments concerning the sentiments and conduct of others. I come now to consider more particularly the origin of those concerning our own. The principle by which… Continue reading The Theory of Moral Sentiments (Part 3)

The Theory of Moral Sentiments (Part 2)

Section I: Of the Sense of Merit and Demerit Introduction There is another set of qualities ascribed to the actions and conduct of mankind, distinct from their propriety or impropriety, their decency or ungracefulness, and which are the objects of a distinct species of approbation and disapprobation. These are Merit and Demerit, the qualities of… Continue reading The Theory of Moral Sentiments (Part 2)