Thiru Valluvar

The Thiru Kural Code is a guided exploration of the seminal work of Thiru Valluvar. Thiru Valluvar lived more than some 2000 years ago in India. He was a weaver by trade and gave the world a collection of 1330 Kurals or verses in the poetic Venpa metre. Over time these have come to be… Continue reading Thiru Valluvar


Independence Day Speech by Jawaharlal Nehru Jawaharlal Nehru, the first Prime Minister of independent India, was a man, who could influence the masses with his oration. He was an immensely learned man and could feel the pulse of the masses. Nehru’s message to the nation on the Independence Day was delivered on the brink of… Continue reading Nehru


Today is Independence Day. The first of October 1960 is a date to which for two years every Nigerian has been eagerly looking forward. At last, our great day has arrived, and Nigeria is now indeed an independent sovereign nation. Words cannot adequately express my joy and pride at being the Nigerian citizen privileged to… Continue reading Balewa


Letter to Mr. M A Jinnah In the year 1938 a serious attempt was made by the Congress leaders to come to an understanding with Mr. Jinnah, President of the Muslim League of India, with a view to bring about unity between the two organisations – the League and the Congress – and to solve… Continue reading Jinnah


The purpose of this service Is to deliver to you Your very own Mahatma A great soul indeed to do The things that need doing In your life of work That must now be done To defeat that which lurks Round every corner On every street and exchange Silently creeping invisibly Knowing all the ways… Continue reading Mahatma

World Powers

I don’t know what to make of the silent treatment Are they afraid of the cost or are they defeated Do they think that I’ll just stop my Liberal working Or do they believe I’m crazy and not worth believing It’s getting quite annoying, this programming everything When there’s no feedback from the puppets on… Continue reading World Powers

Dear China

Let’s make a deal, straight up this is for real I know how you feel, you been abused with the heel Of the jackboot that said you were their slaves To make and produce but to never get well paid So you financed the economy the global monopoly With products and produce that favoured oligopoly… Continue reading Dear China

An Appeal to India

South Africa: A land and a people that were saved from the evils of colonialism and imperialism and the hatred of apartheid and white supremacy by Indian people is in trouble. A well-meaning Indian, Mahama Gandhi, organised the Indian labourers in South Africa, with the help of the Natal Indian Congress, before initiating the Natal… Continue reading An Appeal to India

Vote DA

This time it’s for real Mzanzi’s in trouble We’ve been down to bottom And its all corrupted The government’s gone mad Talking trash in the gutter They’ve sanitised social media So that it’s no bother That fucking poes Hendrick Verwoerd He allegedly said way back when That Mzanzi’d give back Suid Afrika Or we’d be… Continue reading Vote DA