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An Open Invitation
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An Open Invitation
An open invitation to Maimane, Mashaba and Moodey Let me see you choose your path in this great doozy Bring it! Dala what you can, Wys what you got, ekse! The people of South Africa are intrigued with attention Tell us what you hope to achieve with your decisions Now that your merry band is of all three dimensions Left wing Liberalism, with very social affectations Right wing Liberalism, with a very conservative condition Centrist Liberalism, with a very free-market determination And you’re black with all of that nationalist persuasion! You do not know me, I am the unknown unknown power You used to work for me in the DA before you went sour I took you from nowhere with a fiddle of these strings And put you in charge of my armies and great things You coasted along, relying on my name and deeds You were mediocre at best in the contest of steeds The three of you haven’t broken my game oppie Vaal The three of you haven’t take the hearts and minds at all Now you’ve spun out and even the Liberals won’t agree To gather your caucuses and enable you to be free! First up, Mmusi oh how we orchestrated the Sunday Times How I begged my boss to consider Aloysias in rhymes Whatkind ekse, I chooned for you when you vied out alone I told the Christian Social cause to back you to the bone Months have gone by, not a smattering of the promise You know the game’s on and we’ve got to dominate the chorus I brought the limelight, I brought my very mystical Shaiks From Senegal’s own experience with Liberals in every make I told you the plan, you were meant to create a Liberal party That would contest against the DA and achieve quite smartly The Liberty Church should have given you a platform to rise To bring in that conservative Liberal force to defeat the ANC’s lies! Now then we have Herman who came from Free Market royalty How I fiddled to get you accepted by the working oligarchy Whatkind ekse, I chooned for you when you vied out alone I told the Liberals to accept you as another South African known Time has flown by while you dithered with the Peoples’ Dialogue I didn’t tell you to fuck around with Chinese Mandarin Analogues Now you’re shining Action SA and I wonder whether you understand That used to pay for Athletics South Africa gambling in grandstands So don’t get me wrong, I figure you’re just a dumbass like me So I organised for the Liberals to include yours in the academies! But wait it gets better, we have another John it seems How I organised for Moodley to pay and Moodley to dream Whatkind ekse, I chooned for you when you came from the unions I told everyone that you were a hardworking outie for all occasions I cashed in Chinese Toads like they were Cockroaches and Houseflies To categorise your nominations to become well-received Lalla-byes Just ‘cos you looked like one-two of our ouens that we knew well We brought you in on the art-deco schema and we told ou’s to go to hell And know you disappointing this lightie with your running away You’re supposed to stay and fight until it’s better and okay! I will be straight forward with you as I say this direct into your mind These are not my only three puppets of the people-of-colour kind But these are three for whom I had high hopes as Liberals in the DA Alas they have left for greener pastures at least it seems that way Don’t worry my people we have the situation in hand most seriously Liberal International and Africa Liberal Network will generously Recognise other Liberal parties as well as the Democratic Alliance As their South African members without inequality or variance However, I don’t know when you are planning to make your case Because all you have done is narrow it down to a two-horse race!

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