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They never rise to the occasion It's always a public spend fest Never taking initiative But ever waiting for the gutter press To announce how the government's Going to borrow and spend Dishing out the loot so that The connected people need not depend On work and hard labour that Purifies the mind and the soul Conditioning the body to be Healthy and never sick or dull Instead they just tender and Pay bribes to the issuers' roll To get the job and the money So that the public pays three fold For everything bought by the Taxpayers through government business That makes it possible for the Thieving to continue against this Wave of hot air announcing the Clampdown on corruption's game That seeks to bring an end to The wealthy tenderpreneurial fame So disappointed are we with the Latest wishlist from the corrupt That we have no faith in the Capacity of the leaders to disrupt The notion that Africa is a place For beggars with begging bowls Not workers who earn what they Need and live with pride and goals Why is it that the approach is On the basis of deserving recipients Not on the basis of appropriate Actions and economic deliverance The problem is that the African National Congress lacks sophistication It thinks in a Stokvel-Mashonisa-Spaza Cycle that exposes this nation To poverty and deprivation that will Not inculcate work as a belief But rather that of stand in line For your dole and your monthly treats We're done with Masakhane, the New South Africa and the Rainbow Nation We're done with believing that the ANC will one day rise up to save us We want leaders and decision makers That are intelligent and equitable We want politicians that are professional And who always deliver credible Solutions for the problems of Inadequate development, services and education Not hide reality with ideology which Ignores the people's egregious situation We're voting for the Democratic Alliance With this very serious letter In fact we're all voting DA Because in South Africa The DA is better.

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