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2022 and 2023… Fixed or Free?
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2022 and 2023… Fixed or Free?

So it seems quite simple. You need to control the team that is going to throw the game. You need to bet heavily against your controlled team and you need to spread your betting and banking so that it doesn't look suspicious. I know this now not because of my work or my fetich, but rather because I've just watched "Inside Edge" and "Calendar Girls" on Amazon Prime Video and "Cricket Fever" on Netflix. So now that I have taken the perspective of the art that imitates life; I am a veritable expert on the subject.

My work is complicated because I work with information systems and communications systems to produce human results. This means that I use psychological operations programming to determine election results and other results. By other results I mean world cup results, market results and eventuality results - basically any situation where there is a chance of different results populating and therefore of money changing hands based on the results.

Naturally, people who have an interest in the money of the matter want the results of the matter to go their way. And this is where the official version of Cricket Matchfixing departs. But this is nonsence. This is the sanitised version of the story. The truth is much more malodourous. Take for instance the FIFA World Cup 2010 in South Africa, whose hosting of the event was paid for by the IRB World Cup Result of 2007 where South Africa were not the favourites to win. The football result was sent to the office of the president of the Republic of South Africa before the 11th June 2010 by email - more than a month before the final and before the first game of the tournament. This result was counterbalanced by the result of the ICC World Cup 2011 in India, whose result was sent to the office of the prime minister of the Republic of India before the 2009 terrorist attack in Lahore - well before the tournament. But that's not the whole story. This result was counterbalanced against the bets on Narendra Modi becoming prime minister of India in 2014.

This means that everyone who bet on Spain to win the football in 2010 was happy, that everyone who lost in 2010 then bet on India to win the cricket in 2011 and were therefore happy; and that everyone who lost in 2011 then bet on BJP to win the elections in 2014 and were therefore happy. Because of the time between 2011 and 2014 everyone was encouraged to bet on BJP to win the elections. And by everyone - I mean that even the money that Rahul Gandhi, of the INC, represents bet on BJP to win the elections.

The results of the FIFA World Cup 2014 and FIFA World Cup 2018 were irrelevant because the money I represent was bet on FIFA getting burnt in a corruption scandal. The attendant cricket and rugby results just balanced each other nicely. That's how you fix, deflect and line up fall guys to cover up your tracks. The King of Spain who nominally owns the Spanish Prisoner business; got the result he desired. National pride for Spain, Spanish pride for Barcelona - Catalonia and there's a very serious relationship between Philip VI of Spain and Narendra Modi in the world in which I live; that saves Spain from the triads claiming that its actually the Chinese Prisoner business.

So you can see that Cricket Matchfixing is not as straightforward as it is made to seem. The FIFA job led to the ICC job which led to the BJP job and that's how we got out of any and all trouble. Fixing football and paying off the losing bets with more football fixing is just stupid. You need to fix football, and secure the fix by fixing rugby; then fix cricket and secure the fix by fixing politics. That's how you get the money to appear, pay out and disappear. So Cricket Matchfixing is not an animal of its own making. It is a cog in the machine of Certainty.

Can we leave Cricket out of the system? Can we leave Rugby out of the system? Can we leave Football out of the system? Can we leave Politics out of the system? Sure we can do anything really, but why would we want to? Its no longer about the money - its about orchestrating the outcomes of human reality, by playing puppeteer and by forcing the results that you want; you are able to make the world in your image and make the world bend to your will.

So let's just say that at this time on the 6th April 2021; the feeling is that Brazil will win the football in Qatar in 2022, that Ireland will win the rugby in France in 2023; and that Pakistan will win the cricket in India in 2023. Where's the emoji for rubbing my hands together with glee in anticipation of making lots of money? I say let all possibilities obtain; may the best team win and may the odds be ever in your favour 🙂

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