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In Durban these are the independent options. Outside of the logic of mainstream Liberalism and woefully distanced from the corruption that Apartheid created; they offer hope to the psychotics who refuse to accept that the mentally ill (that means mentally ill people whose mental illnesses are not being medically treated) should not be allowed to vote ever.

Literally have no idea who these ANC people are, other than the little bit about them having a few government pensions between them. Don’t know what they want to do with the votes they gather but safe to say they are believers in the ANC’s rubbish behaviour of “Entitlement”. Don’t vote for these crazy people.

Another personality cult in the throes of dying, the ACDP was supposed to be the South African sister party of the German CDU or CSU. The CDU and CSU are in power in Germany, because functionally the German people believe hiding behind God will earn them readmission to the human race after their WW1 and WW2 and Cold War episodes. So the ACDP was always on weak footing. Strangely they only seem to have one leader and he’s a reverend of a church. Unfortunately the God vote is not with the ACDP and that might be because they are caught up in the Catholic versus Christian versus What Type of Christian drama. Shame, they have nothing to offer except to echo the official opposition. Don’t waste your vote on this band of empty promises.

Where is the pan-Africanism? As the AU hurtles towards a free trade agreement, free trade zone and single currency; the people of South Africa are attacking foreigners and non-Bantus. Well done South Africa: Bankrupt and On Your Way to a Pariah State 🙂 The APC was meant to galvanise the people who need opportunity to work with the African people to grow the economy. But you see the Entitlement gets in the way every time. The APC has had its opportunity to set an agenda that is radically different from the corruption of the ANC and it has fluffed it. So sad, so sorry, no votes for the APC.

How is Al-Jama-ah uplifting the Ummah? How is Al-Jama-Ah propagating Islam. Islam is the dominant religion in Africa but in South Africa the Bantus are not being converted or rather being reverted to Islam. Why? Just think how much better South Africa would be if we had Olosho and Area Boy tendencies from Lagos, Southern (Christian) Nigeria and Northern (Muslim) Nigeria. Instead of Jacob Zuma who thinks everyone owes him because he’s a Nigerian Chieftain and instead of Jacob Zuma’s wives who thinks everyone owes them because their toting an Msholozi Junior; we could have a real spectrum of cheapline and strungout operating the Bantus. Just think how much better it would be. Sorry, Al-Jama-Ah gets no votes despite its Palestinianism.

What the fuck? An actual “Liberal” party? What happened here, did someone rip off one of my charities? So, I said I pay for Liberals, and the Minority Front sprouts a “Liberal” party. Something is not resonating with the reality. Can the DLC organise tenders or not? Greater clarity on this matter is needed if we are going to get direction on whether the Raj is drinking tea in Liberal heaven. No votes for the DLC.

I remember watching Moosa Ndiaye work with a sickle, it made me so proud. These fruitcakes presumably from the Minority Front (pretending to be DA, ANC or other people) would like us to believe that they have a plan. What plan is that? The Indian vote in Durban? Really? How much is that worth in the tender lottery? A real smart move would have been to get Logie Naidoo to join MOSA and then the ANC would have done a “Gandhi” – you know that sad appeal to Mahatma Gandhi as an attempt at garnering legitimacy. No votes for MOSA.

The Raj is dead, the MF is splintering. This is the future of the IFP and the ACDP. Take note. The MF made a name for itself in democratic South Africa as a route to getting things done and winning the tender lottery outside of the general ANC licence and tender racket, however with fewer seats the MF is unable to deliver as previously when the Raj was alive. Sadly, the Minority Front gets no votes.

Overtones of the Congress Wallahs aside, the Truly Alliance is a strange animal. It doesn’t stand for anything and yet it will work with everyone to get things done, presumably for a price. I have no faith in this brand of Swaraj and as such, no votes for the Truly Alliance.

These are the four independent ward councillors in Durban. I don’t know anything about them. I suspect that they are disaffected ANC or IFP people; who have some standing with the people in their areas of underdevelopment. Unfortunately, I don’t believe that none of the parties had answers; so no votes for this quartet.

By avishkargovender

Avishkar Govender is 3i.

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