Vote Apartheid

There are three Apartheid options in these elections, choosing any one will recreate Apartheid. If you are opposed to Apartheid, do not vote ANC, IFP or EFF.

Apartheid created the ANC. Before Apartheid (which is from the Colonialism family) the Bantu kingdoms were defeated and relegated to Native reserves from 1905, which were the precursor of the Bantu Homelands or Bantustans. Naturally the Bantustans were run by the Native administrators and the traditional leaders. The ANC in opposing Apartheid instead of becoming the political party that governed the Bantustans proved that it had no sway over the traditional leaders of the defeated Bantu kingdoms. Today the ANC simply doles out the taxpayer’s money to buy votes from the traditional leaders (whom I have stopped paying for altogether) because the ANC has no sway over them even today. Indeed the only things we have heard from the ANC have been a two chord tune that goes “Apartheid” and “Entitlement”. The Apartheid portion of the song goes “Our feelings were hurt, We are emotionally immature” and the Entitlement portion of the song goes “We can spend government money, We are paying ourselves lots”. When questioned about what they are doing in government, with the construct of leadership now unpacked and confused for all the comrades (Aeish!); the ANC says, “We will do what they did during Apartheid, but now because we are clever, we will give the money to the Bantus not the non-Bantus”. Thirty years of ANC flatulence in public and South Africa is bankrupt; the public sector is bankrupt and thanks to job reservation in favour of the Bantus, the private sector is bankrupt. Apartheid created the ANC and just as during Apartheid what has been proved is that minority rule is not sustainable. The idiots who cooked up the modern ANC represent an indolent minority in South Africa. No honest person would vote ANC, and dishonest people are not allowed to vote ever.

This dodgy personality cult is all that remains of the KwaZulu bantustan which, regardless of how much money the Apartheid government poured into it, didn’t do anything useful that would suggest it was even doing any work. When Buthelezi dies, and if the King and Queen dying did anything it proved that the Zulu bigdeals are mortal, the IFP will collapse and implode, or worse merge with the ANC. After all Inkatha has always seen itself as the ANC in KwaZulu-Natal. Not a single idea that Buthelezi didn’t lift off Alan Paton and Company has made it to the box of goodies that suggest the IFP has a platform. Shame, Apartheid created Inkatha to patch together the ruins of the defeated Zulu nation, Inkatha mismanaged the KwaZulu Bantustan, Inkatha became the IFP and the IFP has been playing hand-maiden to the ANC ever since. The gayness between the IFP and the ANC is rank porno. Droves of the Zulu faithful who are trapped in their traditional culture have fled to the ANC because the ANC has the government money and the government money is “an entitlement”. No point voting for the tinpot sideshow.

This bunch of clowns are a sorry lot. They are caught up in the constipated regurgitation of the ideas of the ANC with even less class. They agree with the idea of taxing the few who work, to subsidise the many who don’t work and then borrow from our enemies and spend lavishly on the politically connected “fighters”. We have all seen this class of “South African” with no sophistication whatsoever, throwing tantrums like nobodies business to get their free “entitlement”. The only thing this brigade of fools have to do with work are those ridiculous red overalls they wear in parliament, where they demonstrate just how little class they have at every turn. No sane person would waste a vote on these buffoons – and insane people are not allowed to vote ever.

By avishkargovender

Avishkar Govender is 3i.

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