The future of the Democratic Alliance


The Democratic Alliance is the better of the two major political parties of South Africa. The African National Congress is broken and it is broken beyond repair. The Democratic Alliance is showing all sorts of signs of good, inherent and valuable potential as it governs successfully and with certainty that its integrity will not be compromised by its representatives. The Democratic Alliance has survived the last twenty years from 1999, 2000 and 2001 and looks set to do well in the 2021 local government elections.

Just well? Not win? Winning these elections and/or the next, at this point, will take a very serious intervention and some very courageous decision making on the part of the Liberals that make up the Democratic Alliance. The Democratic Alliance is a Liberal political party that is constituted of the Liberal nature of its members and voters. Liberals. Not Conservatives. Not Nationalists. Not Socialists. Not Communists. Not Workerists. Not Theologicists.

It is this undefeatable belief and practice of Liberalism by the Democratic Alliance that sets it apart from the other political parties, all of which view society as being made up of groups of people, who somehow share a common or rather communal personality, much like farm animals in a pen share troughs. These other political parties, some of whom declare a belief in Liberalism, Federalism, the Rule of Law, Free Enterprise, Market Economy and other attractive things; do not deal with the reality of the aspirations of the individual as being unique and therefore do not connect with the spirit and soul that each individual represents on a unique and individual basis.

This sounds silly when it is obvious that they want an individual voter to go their voting station and cast their own vote. Or do they? Factually every political party, apart from the Democratic Alliance, wants people to be socially influenced to effect validation of the group’s lowest common agreement in such a way that voting is the mechanism for acceptance by the group in a manner that articulates economic opportunity for the individual person – whom shares in the communal personality which determined the decision to vote for the chosen political party in the first instance.

In 1949 George Orwell, in his novel “1984”, called this “groupthink”.

So, we have spent the last thirty-one years since apartheid started unravelling pursuing a National-Socialist agenda, orchestrated by the National Party and the African National Party, which has had the individual been made irrelevant and the groups been made all powerful. Today if you are connected (in terms of the African National Congress) and qualified (in terms of being an African person from South Africa) you will in all likelihood be able to access the patronage networks which are sprawled across the public sector and indeed private sector of South Africa.

But further to this, those of us who have access to the speak between crime syndicates know that the Xhosas ate first during Mbeki’s first, second and third term; that the Zulus ate next during Zuma’s first and second term and now that the Vendas, in association with the Sothos, the Tswanas, the Ndebeles, the Swazis, the Tsongas and the Pedis are eating now. It is unfortunate that all that was negotiated between 1990 and 1994 was the reunification of South Africa, Transkei, Ciskei, KwaZulu, Venda, QwaQwa, Boputhatswana, KwaNdebele, KaNgwane, Gazankulu and Lebowa; such that the tribal leadership (the traditional leaders of the nine so-called indigenous tribes of South Africa) which had complete control over the African homelands during apartheid from the time of the South African Native Affairs Commission in 1905, to the time of the first democratic elections in 1994; were allowed to carry on with their group leadership status. Indeed, over the last thirty-one years, support for the African National Congress has been won in the former homelands on the basis of the African National Congress bribing the traditional leaders, and the traditional leaders instructing their people to vote for the African National Congress. The traditional leaders are after all salaried public servants.

The situation of the residual support for the political operators from the former homelands who are still operating minor political parties today, is a telling one. In all of these cases the African National Congress did not bribe sufficiently. Regardless of this, the fact remains that the corruption endemic to the former homelands has been intrinsically woven into the fabric of the public sector and by extension the private sector of South Africa. In the same way that the traditional leadership structures ignore the supremacy of the rights of the individual, so too does the African National Congress dominate the distribution of public sector money and public sector sanctioned opportunities in a manner that ignores the inalienable right of the individual to not simply be herded along with the rest of whatsoever groups to which the individual may belong.

Factually all of the traditional leaders, from 1905 to 1994, supported colonialism and apartheid to some degree, because they were paid to support colonialism and apartheid by the colonisers and the purveyors of apartheid. The status they were granted was used to herd the people into neat groups and strip them of their individuality.

The Past

The Democratic Alliance traces its roots to many political parties which, since the advent of limited democracy in South Africa, have championed the cause of the rights of the individual. Most recently the Democratic Party, from which the Democratic Alliance was created. Proudly a member of Liberal International and Africa Liberal Network, the Democratic Alliance is the foremost Liberal political party in South Africa and the only Liberal political party in the South African parliamentary system – being made up of: the National Assembly, the National Council of Provinces, the Provincial Legislatures and Parliaments, the Metropolitan Municipality Councils, the District Municipality Councils, the Local Municipality Councils and the Local Municipality Ward Committees.

The Democratic Alliance has fared quite well, over the last twenty years, in elections and bye-elections and has proven itself to be a smart and an agile communications organisation that is ever present in the mainstream and specialised media of South Africa. Producing insightful communications that speak truth to power, if you will excuse the cliché; in a manner that reaches out to the individual South African and addresses the individual’s aspirations for their own lives and the lives of those for whom the individual is responsible.

The Democratic Alliance has failed to adjust to the Madibated (Madiba Mediated) perspective of the African National Congress which has had the world believing that South Africans are divinely imbued with the power and wherewithal to forgive their enemies. Indeed, it is a strange thing that the Democratic Alliance does not buy into the psychosis rendered for the kleptocracy of the African National Congress unlike many public institutions and private concerns; when all of the other political parties in opposition to the African National Congress bleat to the agenda of the African National Congress as though the African National Congress were in fact the “National Liberation Movement” of South Africa.

This myth, that the African National Congress liberated South Africa has been perpetuated by the National Party and the African National Congress in a manner that sought to do only one thing. To keep the Republic of South Africa in league with political parties, governments and countries from throughout the world that believe in and promote Nationalism. These are the bedfellows from failed states that we have had foisted upon us with their rousing, self-defeating logic of “Our Nation” not “Their Nation” which is supposed to galvanise national sentiment in a productive and successful manner – but only sows the seeds of hate and discord.

The African National Congress did not liberate South Africa. Public sentiment sown by the churches, in dismay at the un-Christian actuality of apartheid, mobilised international sentiment against apartheid. The African National Congress did not do the sowing, nor did they tend the crops, but when it was reaping time, the African National Congress deployed its drunk and delusional leaders in exile, charity-cases all of them; to share in the harvest. The end of apartheid was negotiated by the National Party with its proxies – the willing representatives of the African, Coloured and Asian South Africans that tolerated the logic of apartheid, because it served their purposes. The progress in asserting the rights of the groups of Africans, Coloureds and Asian of South Africa from 1905, 1910, 1948 and 1961 until 1987 was a constant process that further embellished the sickness in the minds of the colonisers and purveyors of apartheid.

The fact is that colonisation and apartheid created multiple societies in what became to be known as South Africa. Sadly, South Africa did not exist as a territory before the colonisers created it. There was never a federation of the African kingdoms which existed in South Africa prior to 1910 and there was never a federation of the African homelands which existed from 1905. Group was turned against group so that the colonisers and later the purveyors of apartheid could secure their own positions in dominance of the economic potential of South Africa. Divide and conquer was the mindset that was intrinsic to imperial colonisation throughout the world and South Africa was no different. This disparate situation where there was no united national identity was exploited by the Nationalism of the National Party with each group developing their own version of the National Party for their own purposes. The logic of keeping the groups separate enforced the “Our Nation” versus “Their Nation” approach to managing South Africa.

The Democratic Alliance dismisses colonisation and apartheid as crimes against humanity and rejects out of hand the whole of the logic of colonisation and apartheid. The Democratic Alliance, unlike the other political parties, is not interested in recreating the “groupthink” and “Our Nation” versus “Their Nation” logic of colonisation and apartheid. The Democratic Alliance is also not interested in the state of social development that existed and was exhibited by the groups of South Africa in the year 1497 or during the time between 1497 and 1910. It is not that it is not important, but rather the discussion of whether some of the groups were literate while some of the groups were illiterate is pointless as it can be explained by an examination of the trade and industry of the groups wherever they were. What is inexcusable is that between 1497 and 1910 none of the groups; whether European, African, Coloured or Asian; had indoor plumbing replete with flush toilets. It is simply ridiculous that human civilization hadn’t created that technology yet; although to be honest it is reprehensible that some people TODAY do not have indoor plumbing replete with flush toilets. Thirty-one years of the African National Congress psychosis and some people are still living in 1497.

On that basis how can we or anyone else speak of nation building? Or for that matter of creating a South Africa that is conducive to the rights of individuals and that is enabling of opportunities for all? The vast inequality that exists in South Africa between groups of people, so organised by the African National Congress, is stark and entrenched. Only a preference for the rights of individuals and the effecting of a Liberal society with a Liberal government will resolve this inequality. Only Liberalism offers the hope of a nation that is not divided along race, class, ethnic, religious or linguistic lines. Only Liberalism offers the promise of doing away with the logic of “Our Nation” versus “Their Nation”. Only the Democratic Alliance has the means to create One Nation One Future.

One Nation One Future

Prosperity is an amazing thing. It comes naturally to those who work hard and conscientiously. Diligence is its own reward, in that the proceeds of your honest work ethic will always outweigh your paycheck. There is no fortune or wealth in crime. Not a single criminal is sane. Not a single criminal is not psychotic. Their delusions about who they are and what they can do, are fueled by drugs, alcohol, fixed gambling and sycophancy. They do not live in the real world. Negotiated settlements between high profile criminals afford them some protection so that they can appear to be getting away with the criminality – but their lives are tenuous fictions concocted to keep the criminal enterprises going. People who steal have no self-respect. People who take drugs have no autonomy. People who abuse, assault, rape or murder are not among the living – they are mere shells of spirit possessed zombies carrying out the tendency of the fetich.

And yet there are criminals among us. Should we segregate society into the criminals and the citizens – because the criminals live outside of the social order of citizenry? Should we divide society like this and perpetuate the logic of groups rather than individuals? The Democratic Alliance believes that honesty is a fundamental character trait in an individual whom seeks to assert their individual rights. Therefore, if an individual has committed a crime, is committing a crime or is intending to commit a crime – that individual is a criminal and should hand themselves over to the police, confess to their crimes, submit themselves to prosecution for their crimes and accept and abide by the sentencing that is handed down in the matter of their crimes. Criminals are not citizens. Citizens obey the law, because the law is created for the good of the public and the process of justice is to enabled by respect for the Rule of Law.

Criminals live according to their own rules, or rather according to the rules of criminals. They cannot be trusted to contribute to society in a meaningful manner and regardless of the justification, crime is not work. So, to consider a political party like the African National Congress which is beholden to criminals, to prison gangs and crime syndicates; as being fit to govern the citizenry is ludicrous. There is not a single African National Congress representative whom is not being blackmailed by a crime syndicate for some crime either committed or condoned. In the rationalization of the manner in the which the African National Congress behaves – the African National Congress is a quasi-organised crime syndicate. That’s what it’s called when you collect percentages as kickbacks off government expenditure because you are the people who are authorizing the expenditure in the first place.

So NO, the Democratic Alliance does not want to organise South African into groups of people beholden to either the 26’s, 27’s or 28’s and your personal “Sabela” practitioner and “Oppie Bos” tourguide. The Democratic Alliance does not want to organise South Africa into groups of people who are “made” with organised crime syndicates, who are “made” with local gangs and who are “owned” by criminals. The Democratic Alliance does not want to organise South Africa into groups of people who have mafia contacts and those who do not. So NO, it’s not a criminal state that the Democratic Alliance wants to create. The Democratic Alliance also has no need for the infrastructure of the “Tender Lottery” that the African National Congress has used to enrich itself.

So, we are not trying to create a united criminal nation and we are not trying to create a nation divided into criminals and citizens. However, criminals are not citizens, because they choose to live outside of the law; and as such when the Democratic Alliance says, “One Nation One Future” we do not envisage that criminals will be part of this One Nation One Future in any way whatsoever. The Democratic Alliance asserts that this is One Nation without any criminals and One Future without any criminality. The approach of the Democratic Alliance is one that is bereft of any and all crime in every way whatsoever. One Nation One Future. No Crime.

This is a working nation. Work is the salvation that delivers prosperity. So, if a criminal in prison, because that’s where all criminals belong, wants to rejoin society – that criminal as an individual must renounce crime and criminality altogether, must learn a skill that is economically viable, and must abandon all crime and criminality in favour of work. Hard, honest, earnest, conscientious and diligent work. And its not that they must be rehabilitated and be released and be given jobs with steady paychecks in order for this to happen. No, while they are in prison, they must prove that they will work and be economically responsible. They must satisfy the condition of being willing to work and not being a criminal before any consideration of their release is even suggested.

Therefore, I can categorically state, that when the Democratic Alliance says, “One Nation One Future” we are not lumping you and your family in with the delinquents and prostitutes to live under a mafia state. Can any other political party in South Africa make the same offer to you? No, every other political party is either neck-deep in their own compromised position, or is tolerant of criminals as being citizens, even though they do not respect the Rule of Law. So, this One Nation One Future is a prosperous, working nation whose future is not criminal. None of the African countries were liberated by any political movement, which was able to guarantee that. Instead, every post-colonial African country has fallen into the pitfalls of national consciousness, has become beholden to crime syndicates and has developed a criminal state – and the net result of this is that the people of Africa live in poverty, starved of opportunity and terrified for their lives in fear because there is no Rule of Law. This is not the South Africa that the Democratic Alliance wants. But this is the South Africa that the African National Congress is creating. Mismanagement, malfeasance, turpitude, corruption and rank incompetence all underscored by the African National Congress policy of cadre deployment and bald-faced dishonesty have taken South Africa from a corrupt apartheid position to a bankrupt groupthink position that disregards the willingness of honest individuals to work in order to earn a living for themselves and those for whom they are responsible.

What is at the core of the Democratic Alliance’s approach to conceiving One Nation One Future? Simply the principles of Liberalism and the steadfast determination to bring to each and every unique and special individual their individual entitlement to their own rights, freedoms and responsibilities. Further the Democratic Alliance works to disavow groupthink in all its manifestations, to destroy the African National Congress delusions and psychoses, to imprison all criminals and to protect the future of South Africa from its true enemies – the corrupt and the incompetent.

Some Ideas

Individual Rights are the cornerstone of the Democratic Alliance. It is the basis upon which the Democratic Alliance was created. Each person is a unique individual who has a unique personality and status. There can be no consideration of democracy without the entrenchment of the rights of the individual to their own opinion and their entitlement to express their opinion by voting as an individual. Acquiescence to the social contract, being the constitution of the republic, is a statement of the individual’s willingness to abide by the laws of the republic and to accept the status of citizenship as an individual. No person is entitled to deprive another person of their individual rights for any reason unless that person has abandoned their status as a citizen by becoming a criminal thereby rejecting the Rule of Law.

Individual Freedom is a guarantee that is afforded to each individual to encourage them to invest their energies in the economy in such a manner that pursues their own interests and generates positive externalities. Individual freedom is not bought or sold and cannot be conferred or withheld on the basis of loyalty. Therefore, when a citizen is denied their individual freedoms, whether by the state or by private person, the individual, so denied, is suffering a loss to their wherewithal that is quantifiable in a manner that will result in a justifiable claim for compensation. It is not permissible that a person exercises their individual freedoms to the detriment of another’s rights, freedoms or responsibilities – but that limitation does not justify the constraining of any individual freedom whatsoever. We have had more than a century of no freedom of choice in respect of the government of South Africa – it has been Nationalism or nothing. We have had thirty-one years of no freedom of association in respect of the citizenry of South Africa – it has been enforced association with criminals or nothing. We have had millions of people die because of the ineptitude of the African National Congress which was the only decision-making set we were able to have. No Individual Freedom for South Africa, only the few get rich from corruption.

Individual Responsibilities set people apart. Responsible family planning as a start so that you do not demand of the state more than you pay in taxes. If you cannot afford to have children, don’t have children. Have only the number of children that you can afford to have. If you rely on the state for housing, education, welfare and healthcare; have you considered what that cost is as compared to what you pay in income tax? And if you don’t pay income tax – on what basis is the state paying for you and your family? Individual responsibilities separate the people who want to live for free from those who are willing to work to earn a living. Those who want to live for free are more as likely to tolerate crime, criminality and criminals than as not. You are responsible for yourself, and you are obligated to contribute more than you benefit. The first individual responsibility is WORK. Those who do not work are not entitled to benefit from the taxes paid by those who work. But most importantly crime is not work and criminality is a type of irresponsibility.

The Rule of Law is a dealbreaker. If you yourself as a person do not believe and have respect for the rule of law, then sadly the Democratic Alliance is not for you. We cannot do anything to save you from your situation. The rule of law means that the agreed upon set of laws are to be respected by everyone and are not to be perverted or mischievously interpreted to serve the vested interests or desires of anyone. Further to which the rule of law means that everyone who subjects themselves to the rule of law does so in an ethical manner which results in everyone being considered as being equal before the law, so as to give equal consideration to all matters under consideration. No-one is to be denied justice and no-one is to be falsely accused. Honesty on the part of individual citizens should result in legitimate confessions where appropriate and fearless testimony where required. No-one should live in fear of the law unless they are criminals.

Competition is the bedrock of the economy. Economic units being willing to do more work for less pay as they compete for opportunities. This inspires innovation and technological development and drives prices down destroying inflation and strengthening currencies and therefore the individual’s buying power. Productivity has to be maximised as competition in its vibrancy spurs the economy on greater and greater achievements without inflated GDP results masking poverty. Competition is the tool to destroy poverty and inequality of opportunity. Competition is the solution to the problem of unemployment and underdevelopment, particularly in peri-urban and rural areas. Competition is quite simply the most important thing in the life of any individual. The Democratic Alliance firmly believes in and promotes competition.

Free Enterprise is the fuel of the economy enabling trade and industry through the initiative of individuals. Each person is unquestionably entitled to engage in any economic activity as long as its not criminal. This means that each person can choose their own education path, their own vocation, their own occupation and their own profession. There’s no such thing as someone not being allowed to pursue the career of their own choosing. Further to this, free enterprise guarantees that there are no barriers to market entry thus ensuring equality of opportunity for small and new market participants. The Democratic Alliance fervently defends the right of individuals to engage in and practice free enterprise. Without free enterprise there is only the corruption of orchestrated opportunities for a handful at the expense of the many.

Market Economy is the solution to the problem of interpersonal inequality. That is the problem that some people are born poor and disadvantaged and that some people do not have access to opportunities to develop in their lifetimes. In a market economy, individual economic units are themselves traded, and themselves trade, for work and economic productivity in a manner that is most efficient. This means that together with competition and free enterprise, input costs are minimized, productivity is maximised and shareholder profits are worthwhile justifying the investment. This keeps interest rates low, enabling everyone who works to gather property, assets and things in a manner that builds wealth at every level of the economy. The Democratic Alliance demands that South Africa transition to a market economy immediately. We have had almost a century of a state-centric command economy driven by the Nationalists who dominate the economic activity with borrowings from other countries and spending to create temporary employment to appease the supporters of the Nationalist political parties. This is not sustainable. South Africa has become a highly-indebted country that is borrowing just to fund it ordinary state expenditure without even considering the borrowing to fund its capital state expenditure. Borrowing from your neighbours and friends, or worse your enemies; is not a good way to live. Someone should tell the African National Congress to get some self-respect.


What does the Democratic Alliance mean when it says that the focus of society should be placed squarely on the development of the abilities of individuals, not on the appeasement of the representatives of groups? Simply that each individual, bound as they are to work and contribute productively to society, is obligated to develop their abilities and skills; and that society is obligated to make provision for such learning. If all schools were private, then competition, free enterprise and market economy dictate that some schools will be free and that some schools will be low cost, that all schools will be qualitative, that there would be schools everywhere and that no schools will condone or tolerate delinquency. This means that the state does not need to subsidise or provide education on the paltry and inadequate basis that it has been subsidizing or providing education.

Similarly, if all hospitals were private, then competition, free enterprise and market economy dictate that some hospitals will be free and that some hospitals will be low cost, that all hospitals will be qualitative, that there would be hospitals everywhere and that no hospitals will condone or tolerate malpractice. Again, this means that the state does not need to subsidise or provide healthcare on the shoddy and inadequate basis that it has been subsidizing or providing healthcare. The examples of how the market economy on its own, regulated by competition and driven by free enterprise can solve social problems without any sort of Socialism go on and on. There is no such thing as Socialist Liberalism. There is no such as Liberal Socialism. There is only Conservative Socialism and Socialist Conservatism, Nationalist Socialism and Socialist Nationalism, Communist Socialism and Socialist Communism, Workerist Socialism and Socialist Workerism and Theologicist Socialism and Socialist Theologicism. Various hues of Socialism that all amount to the same thing – tax those who work and provide for those who do not. As individuals the obligation to work and contribute productively to society is paramount among all obligations; whereas in groups the tendency to indulge the lazy and the irresponsible and carry that dead weight is legend. Just ask any country that hosts a dole lottery or social welfare state. Oh wait, what about the grants for the elderly, the disabled, the child-carers and the military veterans that get dished out every month? But why stop there, what about the state guaranteed pensions for public servants that pay out as promised regardless of how poorly the funds as managed perform?

Should individuals whom are disabled be given a grant every month? They cannot work as productively as able people so yes, give them money every month to live with dignity. But surely there should be specialised homes for the disabled, with proper specialised healthcare and attention. Surely such facilities should be run like hospitals, so that disabled people don’t ever feel that they are a burden upon society. What about the individuals who care for children? Is the child care grant useful in any way, or is irresponsible family planning and the Olosho tendency simply wasting public resources on what should be personal expenses? If people cannot provide for their children there should be orphanages which operate like boarding houses for schools so that these children can receive proper care and a good education. Surely people should be questioned about their irresponsible family planning; and made to choose the good of the children over their own problems?

Elderly people should all from the age of fifty years old be recipients of a state guaranteed pension for citizens that pays out as promised regardless of how poorly the funds as managed perform. Certainly, if we can afford fat pensions for public servants who do no work and whom are corrupt in the duties, then we can arrange a state pension fund for everyone, with compulsory contributions collected with income tax, which everyone has to remit, because no-one lives without money; that pays out enough money so that every elderly person can live with dignity. If you assume that at age fifty years old the individual has worked for at least thirty-five years, there is considerable time to turn their contribution with the state’s contribution into a dignified pension.

Why are “military veterans” who were not at least 18 years old in 1990 collecting military veteran grants every month? What war did these children fight in the 1970’s and 1980’s when apartheid was unravelling and the African National Congress and the United Democratic Front were fighting among themselves about who got the donations for the anti-apartheid cause? I remember once some people from the police and the army came to my house when I was in preschool (it was 1983 or 1984) because they thought we were storing weapons, limpet mines and other materiel, in the cellar under our house. They frightened me with a police dog, I cried. Does that make me a military veteran?

For what purpose are military veterans being paid like this, when the SADF and the so-called military wings of the African National Congress, the Pan Africanist Congress and the Azanian People’s Organisation were merged into the SANDF, so all of the military veterans who were presumably active soldiers at the time, should be on SANDF salaries if they are still in active service or on SANDF pensions if they have retired? Why the need for the military veteran grant/pension from the newly created Department of Military Veterans? If you are a military veteran who fought in the liberation struggle and you have feelings about it, that is if you have something to say, join a support group and talk about your feelings – the African National Congress has a military veterans association, assumably they get together and recount the few instances when they almost engaged with askaris who were tracking for the SADF in the frontline states; and the times when they almost saw action in the seventy-eight year long liberation struggle 1912 – 1990; or the times when the African National Congress in Lusaka had donor money to splash around and the African National Congress military camps would engage in tribal celebrations – “…oh, those struggle days… good times…” – or maybe the conduct group counselling sessions for post-traumatic stress disorder… “I was smuggling messages for the tea-party that was the United Democratic Front to the operatives from the African National Congress who were being blackmailed and extorted for intelligence and bribes by the Bureau of State Security as stooges, and I really believed that when it was over, I would be a millionaire – now I have post traumatic stress disorder because my Olosho’s brother, who’s a criminal, needs bail money!”.

Whatever your particular brand of struggle credential bullshit, the thing that stands out the most is the claim that you were in the struggle because the police were harassing you. This is strange because the police harass criminals, and every freedom fighter I met in the 1980’s was being blackmailed and extorted for intelligence or bribes, because they had committed crimes that had nothing to do with the liberation struggle. As a prime example, tax evasion is a crime and during the 1980’s clever and connected people dealt in cash and evaded taxation – and some of those people had friends in the United Democratic Front and the African National Congress. So NO, the military veterans’ benefits must be stopped and the SANDF must deal with all military veterans – you don’t need a Department of Military Veterans, the SANDF needs a Veterans Affairs Unit and more military hospitals.

The facts are that the legitimate social grants are inexcusably insulting to the recipients and that the illegitimate social grants, however they are structured, are a waste of money and more dangerously, in the case of the military veterans, potentially arming a paramilitary force that could be used by a faction of the African National Congress to mount a coup d’ tat, albeit not a real one – a negotiated one which promised shares in the public expenditure loot for the representatives of the groups concerned. If we are to establish dignity as a prime right for all individuals then we must determine that where the state assists the vulnerable, that they are assisted in a manner that is inherently dignified and that they are assisted to live with dignity.

So, individuals, where fully able, are obligated to work and obligated to contribute productively to society; and individuals, where partially able, are obligated to submit to hospitalisation or state sanctioned care, so that their disability – whether factually an actual disability, the fact that they cannot be provided for by their parents, the fact that they are elderly or the claim that they are military veterans – a psychotic claim in and of itself – can be treated. This raises the need for there to be a specialised psychiatric hospital in every voting district, so that we can screen the population for mental illnesses, conduct psychometric testing on every person and treat whomever has a mental disorder or two – yes social media stalking of your ex is a manifestation of a mental disorder and it’s a serious one. South Africa is in dire need of systemic investigation in terms of the mental health of its population.


There is a South African economy of the R10 – where R10 is all the money that there is for the day, and there is a South African economy of the R20 – where R20 is all the money that there is for the day. These are the economies of the unemployed – or rather self-unemployed – mainly beggars. Informal employment generally creates a South African economy of the R50 – where R50 is all the money that there is for the day; and the South African economy of the R100 – where R100 is all the money that there is for the day. These are the economies of the marginally unemployed – those who could be more employed – mainly hawkers. The fictional economy of the R150 – where R150 is all the money that there is for the day; was created by the ridiculous advent of the minimum wage. This is the economy of the exploited – those who have neither the skills nor the means to escape the minimum wage trap – why pay more when you can pay minimum wage?

However, there is also the pauper’s economy, a South African economy of the R200 – where R200 is all the money that there is for the day. This is the economy of those who earn about or less than R6000 per month and therefore do not pay any income tax. These are the poorest people in the formal economy, with badly paid domestic workers, gardeners, cleaners and security guards being in this category. The thing is that in all six of these economies, the individual, and those for whom the individual is responsible, must survive with the amount of money available. Now add vulnerability and unscrupulous unlicenced money-lending and just because the formal economy will not stoop to these six economies and extend banking and lending services to these individuals; these individuals get trapped in these six economies with no hope of escape or of a better life, regardless of how hard they work.

What other economies exist? There are many. There is the economy that has access to private transport and the economy that has access to public transport. These economies are divided by the amount of time spent getting from where you are to where you want to go. The private transport economy is faster with fewer delays between activities and events; where time saved is money earned. The public transport economy places participants at risk of disease; and costs a lot in time spent waiting. There is the economy that has access to private healthcare and education and the economy that has access to public healthcare and education. The private healthcare and education economy enjoys a better quality of life than the public healthcare and education economy, which is generally overcrowded and underserviced.

Most importantly there is the economy that is made up of proper households with municipal services and the economy that is made up of shacks without municipal services. In the household economy life is governed by rules starting with building codes, municipal bye-laws and the payment for services. In the shack economy life is chaotic, there are no efforts to conform with any sort of law and order in the construction or habitation of squatter camps, which are known as informal settlements not shanty-towns. The household economy breeds prosperity, breaking wealth traps with each successive generation. The shack economy breeds poverty, unemployment and hopelessness regardless of how much for free is received from the government.

To say that there is a poor economy and a rich economy is nonsense. If the minimum wage rate is based on sound calculations, and I’m not saying that it is, then every person is worth at least R20 per hour and there are no limits on how many jobs a person may have and presuming that living in a squatter camp is a way to save on transportation costs; a person could earn a few hundred Rands everyday at the minimum wage – that is assuming that they have no formal skills, training or experience. Factually if the individuals concerned took the initiative and worked hard, they could escape the pauper’s economy quite easily using just the minimum wage.

So, if you are a poor person, without education and without connections; you should through hard work and responsibility be able to escape poverty within ten years. We don’t need the African National Congress or the government to do anything. We don’t need the rhetoric about Poverty, Unemployment and Inequality, we don’t need the hoary stories of colonialism and apartheid – we need hard, honest work and a commitment to good quality service on the part of the individuals in need of opportunity; and just with the construct of the basic economic systems; poverty, unemployment and inequality can and will be beaten. But the onus is on the individual in need of opportunity to work hard and honestly and with a conscientious dedication to purpose.

Is there a black economy and a white economy? Let us consider this on the basis that some economic activities are exclusively black and that some economic activities are exclusively white. Borrowing money and stealing it by not repaying it and then making money or profits and not paying those profits to your shareholders, and then crashing your business into a heap where you have robbed everyone and no-one who is owed gets paid; is a practice perpetrated by both black and white people. Perhaps on different scales and with different methods, but with the same mechanics. So no, I don’t believe that there is a black economy and a white economy – I also don’t believe that there is a Facebook economy and a Google economy.

However, there is an economic divide that is stark and glaring. It is the divide between the working economy and the workless economy. The working economy is productive and full of prosperity and the potential for greatness. The workless economy is full of despair and hopelessness, it is a place of indolence and laziness that can’t be bothered to clean its own house or shack. Worklessness is not the same as unemployment. Unemployment is the state of not having a job, while worklessness is the state of not having anything to do with yourself and relying on others to provide your means of survival. Worklessness is the enemy of progress and it is to be condemned and excoriated relentlessly. There is no such thing as “I have no work and therefore I will do no work” in a prosperous society.

Given the state of unemployment in South Africa, one would be forgiven for assuming that the communities wherein the unemployed live would be in pristine condition. Grass cut, verges trimmed, no litter, trash or dirt in sight and no uncollected garbage. No leaking water installations, no unsafe electrical connections and no waste water in the pathways of people. It should stand to reason that the shacks, flats or houses of the unemployed and in the vicinity of the unemployed should be clean, neat and very tidy. This is the logical conclusion of the worklessness and unemployed status situation. It should be that regardless of how poor people are, they should still take pride in their homes. You will forgive my rose-tinted idealism, and you will recall the reality that is evident in every poor community. Poor areas, where we are told the workless and unemployed live are invariably a right-shambles and in a state of dirty disarray. It is not a great leap of faith to say that if you live like an animal, don’t be offended when you are treated like an animal.

Modus Operandi

Killer Instinct: In the mentality of every Democratic Alliance Operative must be the honed and refined “Killer Instinct” that will take the Democratic Alliance over the goal line at every turn. This means that you are always on live camera and everything you say or do is fair game for your opponents. This also means that every Democratic Alliance Operative is someone to whom the community can appeal and look to for leadership and service delivery. So none of the Democratic Alliance are allowed to fail or to bring the Democratic Alliance into disrepute, ever. The ANC is weak and the other parties are useless. The DA doesn’t need to buy votes, as the DA promises proper public sector service delivery and no corruption; and as such the DA has no competitors.

Systematic Thinking: Incumbent upon every Democratic Alliance Operative is the obligation to approach every situation with Systematic Thinking. That means “What are the Problems?”, “What are the Resources?”, “What are the Obstacles?”, “What are the Options?”, “What are the Facts?” and “What are the Solutions?” in every consideration. The Democratic Alliance is not a party that functions on the basis that our people have problems and that by sharing their problems they get money to solve their problems. If anything, the Democratic Alliance works on the basis that problems flow down and money flows up; rather than the ANC, which is bankrupt, where problems flow up and money flows down. Systematic Thinking rather than Problematic Beggary is the Democratic Alliance’s approach.

Neutral Analysis: The Democratic Alliance demands an academic approach to interpretation. One that assesses everything on its actual merits and which is research based and reasoned in its application. We do not approach everything from the perspective of ideological dogmatism and political expediency. We do not approach everything from the perspective of official lines from excuse mongers. We do not approach everything from the perspective of empty rhetoric and hackneyed logic. We consider everything academically and approach everything with the perspective that anything that is true must be considered as true, regardless of how inconvenient that the truth is for us. This means that every position that the Democratic Alliance takes is a reasoned position that is unassailable. When the Democratic Alliance critiques the government and speaks in opposition to the government, it does so without consideration of anything other than the best interests of South Africa.

Serious Alternatives: The Democratic Alliance has viable alternatives to every ANC policy and to every government decision. The Democratic Alliance has solvent alternatives to every bill introduced by the ANC and to every regulation promulgated by the ANC. The Democratic Alliance is in a position to prove that it is better than the ANC and the other political parties at every opportunity. This means rigorous research and serious attention to detail. Through the Democratic Alliance Constituency Centres, the DA will be able to know what the people want in every situation. The Democratic Alliance is in itself the very serious alternative to the corruption of the ANC, but this is not enough; being better than the ANC is no achievement; the Democratic Alliance is looking to be the best political party for South Africa and its Serious Alternatives will get it there.

Mental Youthfulness: To look at the world through the aspirations of the young people who drive South Africa’s hunger for a better future is to be at one with the South African population. Therefore, every Democratic Alliance member must have a young person to mentor and to encourage in their life without deriving any gain from such a relationship. This is an important part of the realignment of the politics of this country from a “beggar with problems” approach and a “connected tender lottery” departure to one where the people are able to solve their own problems with the assistance of proper public service delivery and are able to earn a living without being criminals. So, establish these relationships with earnestness and remember that the bigger the impact for the young person, the bigger the benefit for the country.

Voting Districts

The basic unit of social organisation in South Africa is the Voting District. This is the hamlet. The ward is the village. Naturally the ward councillor is the village idiot. Unfortunately, the corresponding proportional representative councillor is the village idiot’s friend and we the people are simply in need of effective and efficient public service delivery. The voting district must be focus of political organisation, on a street by street and house by house basis. We must corelate the voters’ roll with canvassing data, so that we know every voter and so that we know the mind of every voter. We must know what the triggers are that will get the voter out of their house and down to their polling station on election day and we must be prepared to pull those triggers. We cannot buy votes like the ANC and EFF and instead of the wild carefree pipedreams of a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, we can only promise and deliver clean government, proper public services and honourable leadership. For most sane people that is enough.

In organising on a voting district basis, each voting district must have a branch and every branch must have a management committee that is made up of the Democratic Alliance volunteers who work throughout the year and throughout the term of office, getting out the vote in their voting district. Yes, every voting district must have a Democratic Alliance Constituency Centre that is fully functional and yes, every voting district must perpetually in campaign mode. Where the DA governs these campaigns will be to garner support for government action. Where the DA is in opposition these campaigns will be to garner support to oppose government action. This voting district model allows the DA to hold a poll on every government decision, proving that the DA represents the will of the people not the purposes of its own prosperity.

If every voting district was organised in this manner, the process of getting out the vote would be considerable easier and the infrastructure for it would be in permanent operation. This gives us time to meet with every voter individually and make our offer to each voter individually. We will have the time and the opportunity to address their concerns which to be honest are going to be one of the following:

  • Right-wing: We are not hardcore enough in our clarity of the “us and them” position that society is so evidently constructed upon.
  • Centre-right: We do not represent and fight for the issues that are closest to the fears of the tolerant but conservative people who are prepared to participate in civilised society.
  • Centre: We are not clear enough about the extent to which individuality is a priority for us
  • Centre-left: We are uncertain about our perspective of the state’s role in development.
  • Left-wing: We do not care about poor people.

So, let us begin to consider these on the basis of the voters that are illustrated. In the first instance we are dealing with right-wing voters who feel that they are in a state of conflict. It’s a case of fight or flight. They honestly believe that they will become victims of crimes or worse, state sponsored genocide, if they let down their guard. They cannot be rationalised out of this mentality, it is not a failing on their part, they have ample reason to distrust everyone. They need to understand that they have already established common cause with others that feel the same way – and that this is a step in the direction of being able to breathe freely. What we need to do is to explain that the Democratic Alliance is not about “us and them”. The Democratic Alliance is about individuals being free and safe enough to live their lives with dignity and happiness. Every right-wing voter is a terrified person wanting someone to help them rediscover their personal strength. There is no room for hate in anyone’s life. Hate consumes your soul and leaves you hollow. The Democratic Alliance is the only option if you are afraid for your own survival and the opportunity that you and yours will have in society.

In the second instance we are speaking with centre-right voters who have made the transition to the new South Africa, the rainbow nation, the Madiba magic and the trio of the Bokke, Proteas and Bafana. What they are looking for is a society that is predicated on civilised behaviour and equal opportunity. “The way the country is going, we are headed for another Zimbabwe” is a genuine fear in the minds of people who actually don’t mind employment equity or black empowerment, as long as economic opportunity drives crime down and civilizes the population. So how do you explain to such people that they can make a difference – that they can act to remove the corruption from government and can vote progress to power? What can you say to such people that will encourage them to vote Democratic Alliance? Very simply, the Democratic Alliance is the only option that values the contribution made by working people to the enablement of the economy to act as curative factor in the development of society. The other parties see the working people are sources of income to play politics in caucuses. The DA sees working people as the only hope that South Africa has – and the DA firmly believes that everyone is entitled to the dignity of work.

To address the third instance of the centrists whose loyalty hinges on the position we take on individuality; we must consider both cases. If individuality is a priority for us, then some centrists are not interested. These are the lowest common denominator, peace at all costs, voters. If individuality is not a priority for us, then some centrists are not interested. These are the Liberals. So to the peaceniks, say that the value of the person as a being with the entitlement to free association is sacrosanct and that the DA respects the right of individuals to demand that society at large must benefit for there to be agreement on directions taken, after all this is the premise of majority rule democracy. As regards the Liberals do not every understate the importance of individuality. The fundamental difference between the DA and the rest of the political parties is that the DA is a party of individuals, whereas the other parties are parties of groups of people.

Fourthly the most supposedly attractive of the undecided voters, the centre-left, must be addressed on the basis of what they want. They are afraid that a DA government will slash public expenditure on public services and all of the things that are promised for free by the corrupt political parties. In truth the DA will spend less on every line item – because the DA is not corrupt and using public expenditure to enrich the politically connected is stupid. But the DA will unleash free enterprise, the market economy and vibrant competition that will expand the economy’s service offering and drive prices down, while creating wealth for everyone – and that is something that the other political parties cannot do. So, if you encounter a centre-left voter, don’t promise the world for free – rather stress that the Democratic Alliance is all about equal opportunity.

Finally, the left-wing voter. What do you say to the future machete wielding, machine gun toting child soldier of the MK Military Veterans Farm and Mine Seizure Army? They have been promised free juju, free drugs, free data, free airtime, free land, free housing, free clothes, free education, free healthcare, free welfare, social grants, free electricity, free water, free sanitation, free sewage and refuse removal, free everything. All they need to do is accept the purchase of their votes and make themselves useful around election time to get more votes from the friends. Simple, the free everything, via crony nationalization or crony privatization, doesn’t work – just look at Zimbabwe! Vote DA, work and earn your way in the world. Responsibly.

In everything that is done to network voters in voting districts, the purpose of maintaining a management committee of volunteers is to find potential members. Sift through every voter, find those Liberals and recruit them as members and thus as volunteers. This process is painstaking and must be done carefully – we only want individuals who believe in their own individuality.


There is an argument against mass membership, which says that you don’t want people who are not Liberal joining the Democratic Alliance and enjoying the rights of members. There is also an argument against branches being made up of anything other than the canvassing and the getting out of the vote personnel. But to be clear the possession of membership of the Democratic Alliance must in and of itself bring an improvement in the quality of life of the member as an individual person. This means that there should never be any form of worklessness among the members of the Democratic Alliance. If you are a member of the Democratic Alliance and you do not have any work or if you have spare time after completing your work, then volunteer for the Democratic Alliance in canvassing the area in which you live and energising people to support and vote for the Democratic Alliance.

This means that the Democratic Alliance should only be employing its members as representatives and support staff on a full-time basis and that the bureaucracy of the Democratic Alliance must be rooted in public representation and the constant advocation of the ideals and principles of the Democratic Alliance. The Democratic Alliance must recruit its candidates from its pool of volunteers, not from the ranks of those who simply want to play politics and live large off public sector paychecks. The Democratic Alliance must ensure that in whichever constituency the Democratic Alliance does not have a public representative, that it must have Democratic Alliance spokespersons to hold the public representatives to account and prove to the people that the Democratic Alliance is better that the other political parties.

To be honest there is no place for people who are not Liberal individuals in and among the membership of the Democratic Alliance. This means that if you do not consider yourself first and foremostly an individual person, with individual personality, then please do not attempt to pass yourself off as a member of the Democratic Alliance. The phrases “Ubuntu Ngumuntu Ngabantu” and “I am because We are” are not Liberal statements. Liberalism defines the individual person as being sovereign over their own affairs and domain. This means that the phrase “Cogito ergo sum” or “I think therefore I am” is rooted in Liberalism as it describes the ability to perceive one’s own existence by oneself without reliance on the personality or cognition of another to define the person as an individual.

If you were a solitary person on an otherwise deserted island, you would still be a unique individual; but according to “Ubuntu” you would not exist, because someone else hasn’t defined you. This reliance on the definition of the person by another or by others is predicated on the absence of unitary personality in a manner that subordinates the individual and purpose of the individual to the group and the purposes of the group. If you are because other people are and they defined you to be – you are not an individual, and you do not belong in or with the Democratic Alliance.

Likewise, if you are a Conservative, Nationalist, Socialist, Communist, Workerist or Theologicist – or if you lean in the direction of “the group must have authority”, “the group must hold power”, “the state must subsidise”, “the state must provide”, “the employed must take precedence” or “our God is better than your God” – you are not Liberal and you do not belong in or with the Democratic Alliance. The Democratic Alliance is founded upon a responsible polity, a responsible economy, a responsible society and a responsible theology; and so, the Democratic Alliance will never fan the flames of hate, populism, inequality of opportunity or blind faith. The Democratic Alliance will never promise its members or voters the utopia of the tender lottery, the utopia of expropriation without compensation, the utopia of classless communities or the utopia of a holy government. The Democratic Alliance will work to achieve a quality of life for all of the people that is predicated on Human Rights, Democracy and the Rule of Law. We are not foolish enough to promote “Social Liberal” principles or “Social Liberalism” because these are illogical fallacies that can never truly exist. Taxing the working population to provide for the workless population is irresponsible and dishonest. Why should one work to feed those whom are not one’s own responsibility?

So, members of the Democratic Alliance have to be the people whom we as the Democratic Alliance protect against all harm and injustice. Saying this, the Democratic Alliance must also protect and insulate the people whom vote for the Democratic Alliance from the vagaries of the dishonest political class which simply intend to use government expenditure and regulation as cash cows for their own gain. But does the Democratic Alliance have an obligation to fight for the people in general even those whom did not vote for the Democratic Alliance? The Democratic Alliance has an obligation to fight for South Africa and all of South Africa’s populations. This means that even if you don’t vote for the Democratic Alliance, that the Democratic Alliance must make an effort for you.

To be a member of the Democratic Alliance, you must be a Liberal. To be a member of the Democratic Alliance you must be committed to the Democratic Alliance. But most of all to be a member of the Democratic Alliance you must believe in individuality. This means that you take responsibility for yourself and take responsibility for your responsibilities, both in the party and outside of the party. You cannot allow your actions or omissions to bring the party into disrepute in any way whatsoever. Think carefully about what this means and always act and conduct yourself in a manner that brings pride to the Democratic Alliance. This is a fundamental principle of membership, the Democratic Alliance does not exist to empower its members, rather its members exist to empower the Democratic Alliance. Your potential success is the fortune that the Democratic Alliance will reap. Harnessing your ability as an individual will enable to Democratic Alliance to succeed.

Some Theories

Let us consider the peripheral organisation tools of DA Abroad, DAWN, DAY and DASO and ask whether we still need them. To distinguish between members on the basis of location, gender, age or economic status is just wrong and smacks of a groupthink mentality that is not Liberal in any way. We need to mobilise Democratic Alliance branches to represent the diversity of the populations of South Africa. We don’t need to create toy-telephone dictatorships that wallow in the minute identities of sub-groups. We need all of the Democratic Alliance members to be concerned with the welfare of South Africans in other countries. We need all of the Democratic Alliance members to be concerned with the welfare of women, youth and students. We don’t need peripheral soapboxes that don’t do much other than window dressing.

By expanding the DA Young Leaders Program into every Voting District; it will be possible to ensure that the representatives, support staff and volunteers of the Democratic Alliance are professional and effective. We do not need to train people for the sake of training them, we need to train people so that our people are the best in the political arena. This means that we target the brightest young minds from every school and campus and work with them to ensure that the Democratic Alliance is blooded with the best intelligence available. This process must be ongoing and relentless and must be the premier program of opportunity, skills development and political training in every high school, college and university, throughout the country. The program content must be ability equivalent to the current training program for politicians that is available through the Democratic Alliance.

The Democratic Alliance is a Political Party and it is a Non-Profit Organisation. The Democratic Alliance must establish a Non-Profit Company that is a Public Benefit Organisation, called DA@Work, which serves to mobilise and deploy the members of the Democratic Alliance to Democratic Alliance Community Development Projects throughout the country. DA@Work must become the premier community development organisation in South Africa. Further to this the Democratic Alliance must establish a Trust that is a Public Benefit Organisation, with the help of Democratic Alliance donors, called DA Innovation Trust, which serves to invest in technology initiatives to employ trained Democratic Alliance members. Both DA@Work and DA Innovation Trust must be donors to the Democratic Alliance.

The Democratic Alliance must start a twenty-four hour news and advocacy channel to be streamed to the public through the internet on the website. I have provisionally called this channel “DA|Live”. This programming must replace the SABC News and other South African News services in the lives of Democratic Alliance Members and Democratic Alliance Voters. Complemented by a mobile app that streams written news and advocacy articles, this channel will serve to advance the agenda of the Democratic Alliance on an ongoing basis. Without building the infrastructure of a media concern, the Democratic Alliance Constituency Centres will feed news as it happens from every Voting District to the DA|Live News Centre with on the ground content from the Democratic Alliance. This will lead to the Democratic Alliance having an opinion on every news item. Against this, using the actualities as examples, the Democratic Alliance will advocate for its alternatives and indeed solutions. To be clear this project means that the Democratic Alliance will take every instance of government business into the lives of the people, with live polling to demonstrate support for Democratic Alliance positions and to demonstrate a lack of support for the positions of the other political parties.

The Democratic Alliance Constituency Centres, of which one is to be created in every Voting District; will be the home of the Democratic Alliance Branch in that Voting District. As the focus of attention for the seven day a week program of the Democratic Alliance Branches, the Democratic Alliance Constituency Centres must be multifunctional. Training all of the skills needed to effect successful campaigns in the Voting District and producing new businesses to enable work and provide employment for the members of the Democratic Alliance; these Democratic Alliance Constituency Centres will become places of hope for the communities that they serve. It is not intended that the Voting District Polling Station be located in the Democratic Alliance Constituency Centre. It is however intended that the Democratic Alliance Constituency Centres will serve as Community Centres working with Community Based Organisations, Non-Profit Organisations and Public Benefit Organisations that do not have their own physical space from which to work.

The Democratic Alliance must start a program to agitate for an expanded social grants system, that proactively removes shoddy work ethics from the economy. Inefficiencies are hazardous to economic development and it is preferable that those who choose not to work hard and diligently be positively encouraged to not ruin the economy with their irresponsibility. This means advocating for a system that provides a R5000/month Child-care Grant (Up to the child’s age of 12 years old), a R5000/month Youth Grant (Up to the Youth’s age of 24 years old, provided that they are in school, college or university), a R5000/month Disability Grant (Until death, provided that they are not employed in any way), a R5000/month Unemployed Women’s Grant (From the age of 24 years old until the age of 50, provided that they are not employed in any way), a R5000/month Unemployed Men’s Grant (From the age of 24 years old until the age of 50, provided that they are not employed in any way), a R5000/month Military Veterans’ Grant (Until death, provided that they are not employed in any way) and a R5000/month Old Age Grant (From the age of 50 years old until death, provided that they are not employed in any way). Obviously, the Democratic Alliance will have to make efforts to inspire vibrant competition among retailers so that the R5000 is enough money for those who choose not to work, to live well enough that they don’t destroy the economic potential of South Africa by bringing their shoddy work ethic to bear on the economy.

The Democratic Alliance Volunteers are the sharp end of the spear of the Liberal cause. They are without a doubt the citizens of South Africa who truly care about the future of this country and who are prepared to give of their own time to ensure that the future of South Africa is prosperous for everyone. In stark contrast, corrupt political parties have to pay people to participate. They have to pay people to vote for them, they have to pay people to protest for them, they have to pay people to organise for them, they have to pay people to lead them and they have to pay people to represent them. Most of all however they have to pay people to fund them. The Democratic Alliance is not corrupt and every member is obligated to volunteer for the Democratic Alliance so as to ensure that the Democratic Alliance wins. This means that the Democratic Alliance must ensure that its volunteers are suitably and gainfully employed so that they are able to afford to volunteer their time for the Democratic Alliance, but this is not “cadre deployment”; it is an extension of the logic that every member of the Democratic Alliance must be suitably and gainfully employed so as to bring stability to the party at every opportunity.

To hold the Democratic Alliance Representatives up to a higher standard, we must inculcate a culture of their willingness to step down from their positions rather than to display an embattled and embarrassing stance that is so reminiscent of the corrupt ruling party and their political spawn. This means that Democratic Alliance Representatives must avoid getting in amongst it on social media, in the mainstream media and in their personal lives. The party through its communications offices will populate social media with messaging from the Democratic Alliance; the party through its communications offices will populate the mainstream media with messaging from the Democratic Alliance; and the party through its communications offices will design and construct the personal lives of its representatives. This will ensure that the party does not fall victim to the human error of emotional discrepancies being propagated in exchange with unstable opponents of Liberalism.

The Majority

Corruption: The culture of “Chow the Money” is the glue that holds the African Nationalist majority together. Each of the 10 Bantu Homelands that were merged with the Republic of South Africa in 1994, still have a caucus that is split between minority parties and minority sub-caucuses of the African National Congress. The African National Congress is made up of the exile caucus, the prisoner caucus, the UDF caucus, the Bantu Homeland sub-caucuses and the opportunist caucus. The opportunist caucus is made up of people who joined the ANC after 1994 for reasons and motivations of their own gain. The Bantu Homeland sub-caucuses are preoccupied with provincial control and control of district and local municipalities. This leaves the 8 metros for the rest of the ANC.

Indian National Congress: The prototype of anti-colonial resistance. Born in Bombay, India, to a group of wealthy businessmen from the major centres of the British Raj; the INC went from nowhere to somewhere to everywhere to disgrace and now to minor opposition party. Robbed of their corruption income, they have lost quite a few elections to the centre-right Barata Janata Party which promotes Hinduism. The INC was founded by Hindus (and near Hindus), Christians and Muslims. The All-India Muslim League split off and went on to dominate politics in Muslim India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. Gandhi was assassinated by Hindus who felt he had made too many concessions to the Christians and Muslims. But to be clear the INC is the “National Liberation Movement” of India and yet today, because it only looked after itself and its elites, it is broken and powerless, dominated by a Nehru family that has little purpose but to lead for the sake of leading.

Natal Indian Congress: Some wealthy businessmen from Durban started a local branch of the INC to agitate for the rights and opportunities of the Indian traders and to a lesser extent the Indian workers in the Natal Colony, called the Natal Indian Congress or NIC. Gandhi joined them and they began protesting in a conspicuous manner, making the news throughout the empire. By the time that Gandhi left to return to India and join the INC, in 1914, the NIC had already spawned the seeds of the Transvaal Indian Congress, the Orange River Indian Congress, the Cape Indian Congress and the South African Indian Congress. The NIC is famous for being one of the three congresses, together with the Transvaal Indian Congress and the African National Congress which agreed to work together in their fight against what would come to be known as apartheid. This co-operation led to the Congress of the People and the Freedom Charter. Today the NIC, the TIC, the ORIC, the CIC and the SAIC are dead and bereft of any influence. There is no Indian caucus in the ANC, there is no widespread Indian support for the ANC, there are just a few token Indians in the ANC to smooth over the kickbacks from the tender lottery.

Natal Native Congress: John Dube was friends with Gandhi. Gandhi helped Dube draft what would become the Natal Native Congress, to do for the Africans what the NIC was doing for the Indians. Gandhi chose to recuse himself from acknowledgement and Dube’s wife, Nokutela, was accredited as a founder of the NNC in Gandhi’s place. The NNC was associated with educated African people who saw themselves as citizens and demanded that their human rights be respected. The NNC was cut from the same cloth as the NIC. Elitist and not a mass movement. The NNC played an important role in the struggle against injustice in the Natal Colony, inspiring support from the other colonies of what would become South Africa. This led in Dube’s absence to the establishment of the SANNC.

South African National Native Convention: With delegates from the four South African colonies, the SANNC was established in 1912, while Gandhi was still in South Africa. Dube was elected President in absentia and for 10 long years the SANNC achieved very little and did not have the support of the hereditary traditional leaders, who were all scrambling to make deals with the government of the Union of South Africa, which had continued the policies of the four South African colonies in respect of Native Reserves or what would become the initial footprints of the Bantu Homelands. During this period the SANNC was an elitist group that objected ineffectually to the expanding imperialism demonstrated by South Africa.

African National Congress: So, in 1922, the SANNC refocused itself as a clone of the INC and became the African rather than Indian National Congress. Still a minority leadership of educated African people, mostly men, with elitist objectives, they spent their time negotiating with the tribal leaders in the native reserves for their support in the wider struggle against the racial discrimination of the time. In 1936 the ANC adopted a policy of mass mobilization, first by organising workers and then by organising ordinary people. This is the start of the ANC that we know today, not beholden to the educated elite but populated by the angry masses. In 1955 the ANC participates in the Congress of the People and produces the Freedom Charter. For the first time the world has a glimpse at what the ANC has in mind for the future of South Africa. From this point on the ANC is led and represented by the professional politician rather than the conscientious businessman. This is where the nonsense started.

Anti-apartheid Movements: Throughout the world, wherever there were South Africans there were anti-apartheid movements. Some very small and some quite big. They represented one thing to the ANC in exile: MONEY. The anti-apartheid movements in South Africa, after the Congress of the People, were all banned, suppressed or worse being run by the security forces, while being blackmailed by the police. Sentiment was mobilised against apartheid. People who had nothing to do with the ANC were angry because South African citizenship was becoming worthless. Conflating this, the government of South Africa reflexively poured ever more money and corruption into Bantu Homelands; determined, as they were, to remove every African person from South African citizenship. This only created more drama for the elites, who were left either horribly wrong as supporters of apartheid, or woefully impotent as opponents of apartheid. To overcome their impotence, they indulged in socialist rhetoric and engaged in fundraising for the “anti-apartheid cause”.

United Democratic Front: Not wanting to miss an opportunity for self-promotion, organised religion got in on the act and started the UDF, with what would become SANCO, Trade Unions and organisations that “represented groups of people” associated around common causes. It fooled itself into believing that it was an extension of the ANC’s clandestine operations or intelligence services – but without exception every UDF operative had a police file and an active blackmail and extortion racket with the police for their “undesirable activities”. Thus, reduced to common criminals, the UDF naturally focused on fundraising for the “anti-apartheid cause”. To say the UDF was useless would understate the value of the word “useless”. From the time that I witnessed NIC, ANC, UDF and AAM operatives to the elections of 1994 – not once was Marais Viljoen, PW Botha or F W De Klerk abducted and held to ransom by any of the NIC, ANC, UDF or AAM operatives. Zero assassinations of government officials and National Party apparatchiks. Not even among the elite of the armchair “we don’t like apartheid” ranks was there the ability to leverage blackmail and extortion against the government operators; or even to “fuck them up” in their serious gambling problems, serious drinking problems, serious drug problems, serious money problems, serious sexual problems or serious disease problem. And yet when I was a child P W Botha, Marais Viljoen and F W de Klerk were each a dog on one of my leashes.

The Modern ANC and its Tripartite Alliance: So, we get to 1985, P W Botha is being assisted in his duties because he has suffered a stroke in secret. The faction of the National Party behind Botha drafts the “Crossing the Rubicon” speech which Botha delivers to a worldwide audience from Durban. That is game over for the National Party, the apartheid Government and for apartheid and colonialism as a project. Factually between 1984 and 1990 the National Party’s operators were being forced to give up apartheid, by the people paying their blackmail and extortion debts, in their serious problems. The ANC was just the greedy beneficiary. In 1987, the Broederbond meets with the ANC and agrees to give over the corruption racket to the African Nationalists. In 1990, the NP agrees to start negotiating the transition to democracy with the ANC. The SACP, COSATU and SANCO are the Tripartite Alliance. The ANC is the vehicle to hold control over public expenditure. The corruption racket from apartheid was reborn as the tender lottery from masakhane. The ANC died between 1990 and 1994, and the operators of the NP took over the operation of the ANC and then killed off the NP.

Weaknesses: The ANC has to buy votes. They pay the personation rackets for votes and they pay for “activations” by handing out money and things to people who sell their votes and organise good times for everyone who joins them to vote. The ANC has no offer that appeals to belief. All they can promise is broke-down public services that don’t work and the tender lottery. The educated elites who run the ANC hog the tender lottery, while the people are more interested in cash in hand than broken public bathrooms in squatter camps. Food parcels, gift vouchers, airtime and data, straight up cash and obviously the ANC branded merchandise are the tokens that get voters to the polling stations on election day. The ANC itself is broke. But all of its tender lottery winners have credit facilities with banks that are tied to paper-telephone businesses with bills to pay. This gives those seeking position within the ANC and the tender lottery the means to buy votes by paying people to sell their birthrights. This makes the ANC weak, as the EFF has proved, through out-buying the ANC on a vote by vote basis. Naturally if you put the tender lottery winners in prison and take away their credit facilities, this nonsense will stop.

Other Opponents

Some of the other opponents are political parties. Some of these political parties are splinter groups of the African National Congress, ultimately, or the National Party, ultimately. Others are the remnants of the political formations from the Bantu Homelands. None of them have any value. They are pitiful groupings of stubborn people who have nothing to contribute the “New” South Africa. Grumbling about the ANC without proffering alternatives, criticizing the ANC without substantiative facts of malfeasance and being complicit with the corruption in the local government sphere of the polity; these parties are of no use to South Africa. The other opponents, whom are not political parties, are mainly social organisations and businesses which benefit from the ANC’s corruption. They would sing for any paymaster and their influence is negligible, after all they exist to buy votes for the ANC and even if the ANC steals all of the money it can, from the public sector, they would still not be able to buy a 25million vote in favour of the ANC.

Mindless Thugs: We cannot explain what is happening in the cesspool that this mentality of the ANC’s orphan children in red. The Economic Freedom Fighters will say anything to promise the world to the people who don’t have anything. Yes, they will hand over all material wealth to the impoverished. Yes, they will nationalize everything. Yes, they will turn South Africa into Yet Another Tinpot Little African Dictatorship. Yes, they will ruin the country faster than the ANC. Fact. From behaving with no class whatsoever in public, to shady deals with “socialist” kleptocratic regimes of other countries the EFF is not deserving of anyone’s time. But they are serious competition for the ANC in the arena of buying votes among the poor. The EFF is a beneficiary of the tender lottery and uses it ill-gotten largess to buy votes with no regard for the appearances of such endeavours. No, we must dismiss the EFF as being rubbish.

Fallguy Abusers: Inkatha is in control of the ANC. Not the Inkatha Freedom Party, but Inkatha Ya KwaZulu, the social organisation that sorts out problems under the direction of the leaders of the Zulu Nation. In the contest between the 9 or 10 tribes that existed during apartheid, the Zulus weren’t able to beat the Xhosas. The Xhosas, in their delusion, were the holders of the South African “franchise” of the Spanish Prisoner business. The Zulus, in their delusion, were the holders of the South African “franchise” of the Dutch Trader business. The problem is that in the settlement between Nigeria, Egypt and South Africa, the ANC believes that the Zulus are the muscle who settles things. The IFP not wanting to sully their hands therefore use the control from Inkatha (similar to the Zulu broederbond) to control the ANC to commit the crimes in the public sector while paying the Zulu leadership, and their nominees, off. The IFP sees the ANC as its band of fallguys and abuses them accordingly.

Mad Whingers: We don’t know why the Afrikaners need the Freedom Front Plus. They don’t do anything useful on their own. It is time for the Freedom Front Plus to join the Democratic Alliance, not because the Democratic Alliance is a Afrikaner Nationalism organisation, but rather because the continued existence of the Freedom Front Plus suggests that Afrikaans people are racists. The Democratic Alliance is the party for the centre, the centre left and the centre right. The Freedom Front Plus are centre right. They are not a right wing party of hate and hatred, they are not the successors to the National Party’s logic of apartheid. The National Party is now part of the ANC, not the DA nor the VF Plus. So, the ANC is factually the party of apartheid. No wonder then that the ANC is race obsessed in its window dressing efforts. There’s no point whinging about the ANC – join the DA and do something about it.

Some Words About Finances

Stop soliciting donations. Start selling goods and services. The Democratic Alliance must brand every conceivable item in the colours and logotype of the Democratic Alliance and make these items available for sale through an online store that delivers nationwide. These items must be affordable and, in most cases, must be cheaper than ordinary unbranded items. This means that there must be regular trade in Democratic Alliance branded goods and that people must have access to what amounts to Democratic Alliance uniforms for their everyday wear. In terms of services, the Democratic Alliance must become a vendor of technology that makes first world information and communications systems available at low prices. In addition to this the Democratic Alliance must bundle internet access from an ISP with Democratic Alliance membership, this together with website hosting and customised domains and email will get every Democratic Alliance member into the world of e-commerce in a competitive and sustainable manner.

We need the South African Institute for Race Relations, the Free Market Foundation and the Helen Suzman Foundation to merge into the “African Liberal Institute” which must work with every member of the Africa Liberal Network. Expanding ALN membership throughout Africa is a priority for the Democratic Alliance as the only stable future for South Africa is one where Africa is stable. The African Liberal Institute must create a private for-profit institution of higher education that it owns, called the “African Liberal College” which offers Certificate, Diploma, Bachelor’s Degree, Honours Degree, Masters Degree, Doctoral Degrees and Post-Doctoral Research programs in Politicianry or the art and science of practicing politics. Political Science is a component of this teaching and learning system but not the focus. Every member of the Democratic Alliance and indeed of the members of the Africa Liberal Network must be a graduate of the African Liberal College, which must make use of interactive online learning management systems to reach out across the whole African continent and diaspora.

Yes, there will be corporations and individuals who insist on donating money and things to the Democratic Alliance. Accept their contributions graciously and ensure that they get value for money from the quality of representation that you deliver. Direct all potential donors to support the work of the Democratic Alliance Constituency Centre in their own Voting District first and to donate to the party second. These donors must be encouraged to channel their energies through the Democratic Alliance Constituency Centres where we need to turn the tide against the corruption and malfeasance of the other political parties. We must take our fight for the future wellness of South Africa to the Voting Districts where we need to win in order to govern. You will find that the enthusiasm that our donors have for a fair fight for the hearts and minds of the South African voters will grow with each encounter.

Every Democratic Alliance Branch must have a Federal Finance Officer on its Management Committee. Every Federal Finance Officer will report to the Federal Finance Committee and submit accounts on a weekly basis detailing the financial activities of their Democratic Alliance Branch and Democratic Alliance Constituency Centre. These Federal Finance Officers must be trained in accounting and be prepared to audited on a monthly basis. The essence of clean and responsible government and governance starts in the management of Democratic Alliance Branches and Democratic Constituency Centres. We have to maintain a proper set of accountability for the application of resources within the party so that that culture of honesty and integrity transfers to our conduct in government. Every Federal Finance Officer must lead the rest of the Management Committee in its adherence to honest and accountable leadership.

Ethical leadership should not or rather should never be confused with moral leadership or ecclesiastical virtue. The Democratic Alliance is not a religious movement and should never become embroiled in the politicking for God and religious theocracy in general, regardless of how much money the religious right offers to launder through the Democratic Alliance Constituency Centres. Taking money from lobbyists whom want a particular influence brought to bear on government or on the Democratic Alliance itself is not advisable. Whether these lobbyists want a particular province to become an independent state, or want a particular religion to dominate the thinking of legislation, or want a particular person to rise in the leadership ranks – the Democratic Alliance is not a prepaid, postpaid, pay-as-you-go or pay-as-you-use political party. We will not surrender our Liberal values for the attainment of lucre. This means that when Democratic Alliance representatives are offered easy ways out trouble on condition that no-one will find out about the drama, or when Democratic Alliance representatives are offered percentages and kickbacks on government expenditure, or when Democratic Alliance representatives are offered payoffs to throw elections – the answer is “No, thank you – we are not corrupt”. Put simply if you are corrupt and if you are amenable to corruption, the Democratic Alliance is not for you.

Speaking of government expenditure, Democratic Alliance led governments are notoriously thrifty, spending the absolute minimum on each item purchased. There are no ridiculous margins between what the government spends, what the contractor spends, what the service provider spends and what the subcontractor (who delivers the actual product or service) spends. This means that there is no fat to be recycled into donations to the party or to the politicians enacting the government expenditure. This is at extreme variance with the state of affairs perpetrated by the criminals in and around the offices held by the other political parties in South Africa. If we take this tender lottery away from the other political parties in South Africa, none of them have any reason to assemble or to exist. If you take the tender lottery away from the African National Congress – they don’t have anything – they’re not a political party – they’re just a bunch of post-Soviet cum neo-Sinoid wannabes looking for a payday. Cynically, they’re just informed by the Area Boy and Olosho/Ashewo mentality of the people who robbed them of their Juju which they “paid for” with stolen money.

Distinguishing the Democratic Alliance from other political parties means distinguishing the means by which the Democratic Alliance pays its bills and conducts its affairs. The Democratic Alliance is for FREEDOM, not Free Stuff in the Poverty Lottery, not Free Data to stream Stupidity Festivals, not Free Love to share Venereal Diseases – FREEDOM for every individual as an individual. Therefore, anyone who also believes in and wants to promote Individual Freedom is welcome to contribute to the Democratic Alliance. But it stops there. The Democratic Alliance is not interested in dirty or tainted money – please don’t try to turn the Democratic Alliance into your personal army to fight for your cause that violates Individual Freedom. So no, we don’t want the profits from the tender lottery to be donated to the Democratic Alliance – we are not Rubbish Socialists or Devious Nationalists; and no, we don’t want the profits from corporate collusion, that stifles vibrant competition, to be donated to the Democratic Alliance. Can any other political party say that?

The members of the Democratic Alliance are the life force of the Democratic Alliance. They must be gainfully employed or gainfully self-employed. They must volunteer their spare time for the Democratic Alliance at their local Democratic Alliance Constituency Centre. They must be able to afford a membership fee of One Hundred Rands per month (R100pm). If any member of the Democratic Alliance or prospective member of the Democratic Alliance cannot afford the membership fee, you have found the perfect candidate to go through the Opportunity Workshop of a Democratic Alliance Constituency Centre. We will not tolerate worklessness, unemployment, poverty or moneylessness in and among the membership of the Democratic Alliance. We must enable our members to honestly and legally provide for themselves and their families – that is the best advert for the Democratic Alliance. Happy members attract happy voters, happy voters become new happy members and so it goes on.


Perpetual Advocacy: On a continuous basis every member of the Democratic Alliance must be advancing the agenda of the Democratic Alliance. Put simply every individual member must encourage everyone they know and come across to believe in their own unique individuality and their purpose as individuals to pursue their own interests. Consideration for the assistance provided by one individual to another does not mean sacrificing your own individuality and people must be guarded against extortion, both material and emotional. In advancing the agenda of the Democratic Alliance care must be taken to not waste time with people whose votes have been bought by other parties, there is no reasoning with them. Make special efforts to reach out to young people and everyone who feels that their individuality is under threat. The Democratic Alliance is the only option for the individual.

Relentless Mediation: Social media platforms are public toilets in public rubbish dumps. The only thing on social media are the reflections of gambling problems, drinking problems, drug problems, money problems, relationship problems and behavioural problems. Fact. Add a general hatred of everyone who doesn’t kiss your ass; and your have a cesspool of databurners who have nothing to do but talk and repeat shit. Fact. So, if you want to use social media to get people to vote for you, your content has to be contentious. You have to share videos of Julius Malema raping Helen Zille, which is probably something on Julius’ bucketlist. You have to share pictures of Jacob Zuma’s ATM receipts, which show that he has money other than his pension. You have to share sound clips of T B Joshua prophesizing that the Democratic Alliance will win the elections only if the listener votes for the Democratic Alliance. So in the absence of this – there are only two options: daily e-mail newsletters and daily news content blogs whose content gets picked up by the news aggregators.

Aspirational Noteworthiness: Nothing lifts up nothing people, who are cheap forgeries of other people, but who believe that they are unique individuals, but whom repeat nonsense on command; than motivational speeches that inspire them to chase exhilaration. All you have to do to speak to the aspirations of ordinary people in a manner that says, you too could be fantastic, you too could be fabulous, you too could be fortunate and you too could be famous – all you have to do is vote for the Democratic Alliance. These motivational and inspirational messages must address the aspirational nature of the potential voter – who wants a better option than the corrupt offerings – and must be constructed in a noteworthy manner that leads to support from the prospective voter.

Articulate Networking: Coronavirus Lockdown has really wrecked the process of getting people together to share their political interests. Nonetheless having prospected potential members in your voting district, get them together for a weekend workshop on the principles and values of the Democratic Alliance – make it fun and entertaining and the bonds of friendship will grow naturally. In working in your local community, the protection of privacy and the property of our members and volunteers is paramount and every effort will be made to weed out criminals and those who work with criminals that are associating with the Democratic Alliance for the purpose of phishing or reconnaissance. This being said every effort must be made to encourage Democratic Alliance members to get to know each other.

Demonstrative Engagement: In every voting district, the Democratic Alliance branch must be actively involved throughout the voting district correcting everything that needs correction. The community must see the DA actively changing their community. This means putting criminals out of business, preventing illegal dumping and the build up of uncollected refuse, stopping the theft of electricity and water and the reporting and repairing of malfunctioning infrastructure. Where there are problems the DA must intervene to solve problems for the best interests of the community.

Natural Syndication: Let’s say hypothetically that every Democratic Alliance member was connected in a network which protected their individuality against any an all calamity. This means that while protecting their privacy, it would also be possible for them to naturally syndicate what they watch, hear and read in a manner that gave rise to new productions that supported the lives of Democratic Alliance members who did not have their own puppeteering, programming or personation. This does not mean that we will become amenable to supply criminals with juju or that we will allow our members to become complicit with criminals stealing juju but this does mean that the abilities of Democratic Alliance members will be enhanced considerably.

Streamlined Success

Disband the provincial structures. Disband the regional, constituency, local and international structures. There should only be Branches, Federal Congress, Federal Assembly, Federal Council, Federal Commission and Federal Executive.

  1. There must a Democratic Alliance Branch in every Voting District. Every Democratic Alliance Branch must be housed in a Democratic Alliance Constituency Centre (based on the WNPC model). Every Democratic Alliance Branch must have a Management Committee that represents the entire Voting District.
  2. Federal Congress must be constituted of the chairpersons of each Democratic Alliance Branch and the Federal Assembly.
  3. Federal Assembly must be constituted of every Democratic Alliance Public Representative (MP’s, MPL’s, MPP’s and Cllrs) and the Federal Council.
  4. Federal Council must be constituted of the chairpersons of each Democratic Alliance Federal Committee (Membership, Finance, Governance, Infrastructure, Communications and Elections) and the Federal Commission.
  5. Federal Commission must be constituted of every Democratic Alliance Federal Officer (Chief Executive Officer, Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Chief Finance Officer, Deputy Chief Finance Officer, Chief Technical Officer and Chief Information Officer) and the Federal Executive.
  6. Federal Executive must be constituted of the Leader, Deputy Leader, Chairperson, Deputy Chairperson, Media Officer, Deputy Media Officer, Strategist, Deputy Strategist, Research Officer and Deputy Research Officer.

This streamlined approach to managing and administrating the Democratic Alliance will yield efficiencies that allow for the vast majority of resources to be focused on and through Democratic Alliance Branches.

Every Democratic Alliance Branch Management Committee must meet twice a week, on Saturdays and Sundays for general matters and political training; and must host evening events on every one of the five weekdays. This means that the Democratic Alliance Branches are permanently operational, continuously active and meaningfully present in every voting district.

All Democratic Alliance Federal Developmental and Organisational Seminars, which are to be held in conjunction with every Democratic Alliance Federal Meeting, must be conducted virtually through a system and platform that is hosted on the Democratic Alliance’s network servers. This means that the Federal Operations of the Democratic Alliance will be conducted at no cost to the Democratic Alliance.

The focus of the Democratic Alliance is to train every member of the Democratic Alliance to Get-Out-The-Vote for the Democratic Alliance and while this training must take place in the Democratic Alliance Branches, it may also take place in the Federal Structures.

The Leader of the Democratic Alliance is either the Democratic Alliance’s candidate for President of the Republic of South Africa or the Democratic Alliance’s candidate for Leader of the Opposition in the Parliament of the Republic of South Africa. Either way, the Leader of the Democratic Alliance has the simple and straightforward job of leading South Africa to a future that is predicated upon prosperity for all whom work for the betterment of, and all whom believe in the potential of, South Africa.

The Beginning

1999, 2000, 2001 was the start of this incredible journey
To create a truly New South African liberal political party
The Democratic Alliance stands out as the only real future
For South Africa that is not based on corrupt caricatures
We hold firm our liberal beliefs that are for all individuals
That the inalienable rights of the individual are indivisible
There is no group identity that supercedes the personality
Of the individual, the person, who affirms their nationality
There is no greater good whose objects trump the individual’s
So, it is clear that we cannot pay for the many off the residual
Just as there is no individual who is allowed to abscond work
There is no individual who is able to take more than they earn
The Democratic Alliance is determined to the voice and party
Of those who work and those who whom are willing all hearty
For the difference between people are simply that as stated
Those who are working and those who are workless so fated
We do not mean just those who have fancy jobs with paychecks
That are protected from unemployment and couldn’t care less
About the people who are willing to work but don’t have jobs
And those workless people who aren’t willing to work that rob
Society of its public good by not really contributing meaningfully
But rather no better than criminals undermining society definitely
We cannot continue with criminals running the public sphere
With malfeasance in how the public good is constructed here
So, we need to galvanise the people of South Africa now bezerk
To vote for the Democratic Alliance and thereby empower work
To enable the escaping of poverty, through hard work and diligence
But mostly to protect the rights of each individual’s intelligence
So that we do not have to band together with corrupt leaders
Losing their individuality and succumbing to the vapid bleaters
Who would have South Africa organised into ethnic language groups
That compete against each other for the control of the troops
Who are lined up albeit indolently to stage a coup d’ tat to bring
Corruption to power in this Tinpot Little African Dictatorship ring
Known to many as the national liberation bowel movement
That gets eaten by the corrupt and their network in government
We won’t waste your time with details of their incompetence
But everything in the public sphere is bankrupt in detriment
So, if you don’t want South Africa to go the way of mass violence
Like every other African country – Vote Democratic Alliance!

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