Where is the Storm?

This time in my life I will call the vapid nothingness
It was punctuated with mindless presidential bleatings
We were told to stay home and slow the spread
Of a common cold like virus that appeared virulent
In this time we have continued to study and work
In this time we continued to live and think freely
But alas for many this has been a time of hardship
A time of not having, not knowing and not thriving
Criminals have found it difficult to maraud as they do
Prostitutes have found it difficult to ply their trade
As such with both public servants and politicians thus
Out of action due to the lockdown and now curfew
There has been little in the way of gross corruption
Also there has been not so much of their whining
But we find some anomalies in this vapid nothingness
That was a great brouhaha and then almost nought
More people will die this year alone from each of
Cancer, Diabetes, Heart Disease, Kidney Disease,
Liver Disease, HIV-AIDS, Tuberculosis and Lung Disease
Than from SARS-Coronavirus-2 infections and diseases
Perhaps I am wrong, and this is merely the calm before
The storm that approaches as Chinese cockroaches succumb
And in their droves collapse upon the piety of the DoH
Perhaps this lockdown did more than just reduce in real terms
The number of non-domestic murders and non-domestic rapes
And the number of muggings and house breaking robberies
And yet still I yearn for an apocalyptic epidemic that will scythe
Through the population killing the weak and leaving the strong
Isn’t that what a viral pandemic is meant to do, to murder?
What’s the point of viral mutation and extreme multi-drug resistance
If not to outsmart the vaccines and outmaneuver the anti-virals?
It seems just yet that these last five months of panic and paranoia
Have not delivered on their promise at all – or is it yet coming?

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