SALSA, the South African Liberal Students’ Association, was founded in 1992, at the University of Cape Town, in the wake of the referendum that indicated that white South Africans were in favour of dismantling apartheid. In 1993, at the University of Cape Town, and 1994, at the University of the Witwatersrand, the federal constitution of SALSA and the federal structure of SALSA were agreed to by liberal students from universities across South Africa.

From 1992, SALSA has been involved with the training and development of liberal students in preparation for them becoming liberal politicians, liberal entrepreneurs, liberal leaders and liberal professionals. SALSA has since 2010 been involved with the technical support of liberal associations and their members, preparing the ground for the launch of the new training program which will make university level training and development in liberalism, both politically and technically, available to liberal students wherever they are in the world.

SALSA is led by its Executive Life Federal President, Avishkar Govender, whom operates SALSA through the internet instead of on campuses and through SRC’s. Indeed SALSA maintains that the world of student politics on campus is futile and corrupt. SALSA is the foremost lobbyist for the opportunities available to students, without being part of the establishment’s system that disregards the necessity of making opportunities available to students, as all of the campus-based student activist organisations are.

Soon opportunities will be made available for liberal students, who value and believe in their own individuality, to participate in SALSA’s training and development programs and thereby become an Alumnus of the South African Liberal Students’ Association (SALSA), as soon as they graduate with a bachelor’s degree from a registered institution of higher education. Once an alumnus, opportunities for innovative career advancement will be made available through SALSA Network, specifically for SALSA Alumni.

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