I retired when I wrote this up
In 2007, I was 28 years old
I finally published it on my
M&G ThoughtLeader blog
In 2009, I was 30 years old

Corruption Free Politics – The Blueprint

Somewhere in my learning about
how to con, schnai, swindle and take
Every political hustle for my
principals and my masters and shaiks
I started to write in rhyme and
with a sense of purpose that stood
So now here it is a decade later
I ask you again what is the truth?


It’s like this all my hustlers and gangsters proud
Peripheral to the game that’s all about our loud
Chances to glorify the icons and stalwart heroes
Who stood strong and laid down their demands for zero
Who fought for freedom and the right to life plainly
That didn’t come in their lifetime at all mainly
But who hustled to get by without a public salary
Who struggled to avoid being arrested for allegedly
Stirring up the masses and awakening the ancestors
Pleading with our people for freedom from the cancer
That was apartheid and was colonial imperialism
That enslaved, robbed and sowed economic schisms
So that the many are still today locked in poverty
And the few cream the capital living with opportunity
So this is the story we lay it down for you now
We didn’t get into politics to be paupers and clowns
We have never said that anyone must work for free
And no-one denies the virtue of equal opportunity
But for the people who understand the political game
Of this one will kill that one and save their names


And what about these ones will stop those ones cold
Forever ending their ambitious plans so very bold
That it is bought in protection and secrecy for many
That brings together criminals, warlords and every
One of the actors, the political role-players each
And those who don’t co-operate with the law they teach
It’s in the declarations of how we keep the leaders alive
Protecting them from the hits that are given in strides
We gather together around poles of our belief
We take strength in our numbers and in our relief
So it seems that the purpose of the politicking is that
We solve the public’s problems and save the taxpayer’s fat
But we must be paid for the work that we actually do
And the people who keep our parties must be paid too
We cannot ignore the contributions made by the warlords
Who keep the peace enabling the politics without swords
There can be no politics, no civil service discourse
If the shaiks are not paid well for their wise thoughts
And what about the leaders who lend their esteem to causes
How would it look if there was none for their houses


To solve this problem, the apparatchiks have concocted many
Schemes of disrepute that it is in fact completely uncanny
So many have simply done some stupid things its really funny
They have inflated the costs of items bought with public money
They have staged fake projects, full pay and no work done
They have Potemkin’d the delivery and halfway been wrong
The public service each year votes itself a hefty increase
They are by far the best paid employees in the country
Their pensions are fat and guaranteed by legislation
The public servants are able to celebrate every occasion
All this to pay percentages to operators who work for no pay
Fixers and organisers and shadowy criminals of every way
I said that there were those whose soldierly contribution
Needed recompense for the very violent game of attrition
They need to be paid and paid well due to their vocation
But stealing from the taxpayers is causing steady inflation
So we need a new way to pay everyone and protect the state
We can’t allow the thievery to dominate the proceeding fate
Well it’s here, not a prepaid solution, not a captured cashcow
No bribes, no corruption, no extortion and no racket now

Buy yourself a WNPC and protect yourself against corruption
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