991 – 1000: Courtesy

To the polite free of access 991
Easily comes courteousness.
Humanity and noble birth 992
Develop courtesy and moral worth.
Likeness in limbs is not likeness 993
It’s likeness in kind courteousness.
The world applauds those helpful men 994
Whose actions are just and benign.
The courteous don’t even foes detest 995
For contempt offends even in jest.
The world rests with the mannered best 996
Or it crumbles and falls to dust.
The mannerless though sharp like file 997
Are like wooden blocks indocile.
Discourtesy is mean indeed 998
E’en to a base unfriendly breed.
To those bereft of smiling light 999
Even in day the earth is night.
The wealth heaped by the churlish base 1000
Is pure milk soured by impure vase.

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