981 – 990: Sublimity

All goodness is duty to them 981
Who are dutiful and sublime.
Good in the great is character 982
Than that there is nothing better.
Love, truth, regard, modesty, grace 983
These five are virtue’s resting place.
Not to kill is penance pure 984
Not to slander virtue sure.
Humility is valour’s strength 985
A force that averts foes at length.
To bear repulse e’en from the mean 986
Is the touch-stone of worthy men.
Of perfection what is the gain 987
If it returns not joy for pain?
No shame there is in poverty 988
To one strong in good quality.
Aeons may change but not the seer 989
Who is a sea of virtue pure.
The world will not more bear its weight 990
If from high virtue fall the great.

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