971 – 980: Greatness

A heart of courage lives in light 971
Devoid of that one’s life is night.
All beings are the same in birth 972
But work decides their varied worth.
Ignoble high not high they are 973
The noble low not low they fare.
Greatness like woman’s chastity 974
Is guarded by self-varacity.
Great souls when their will is active 975
Do mighty deeds rare to achieve.
The petty-natured ones have not 976
The mind to seek and befriend the great.
The base with power and opulence 977
Wax with deeds of insolence.
Greatness bends with modesty 978
Meanness vaunts with vanity.
Greatness is free from insolence 979
Littleness swells with that offence.
Weakness of others greatness screens 980
Smallness defects alone proclaims.

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