961 – 970: Honour

Though needed for your life in main, 961
From mean degrading acts refrain.
Who seek honour and manly fame 962
Don’t do mean deeds even for name.
Be humble in prosperity 963
In decline uphold dignity.
Like hair fallen from head are those 964
Who fall down from their high status.
Even hill-like men will sink to nought 965
With abrus-grain-like small default.
Why fawn on men that scorn you here 966
It yields no fame, heaven’s bliss neither.
Better it is to die forlorn 967
Than live as slaves of those who scorn.
Is nursing body nectar sweet 968
Even when one’s honour is lost?
Honour lost, the noble expire 969
Like a yak that loses its hair.
Their light the world adores and hails 970
Who will not live when honour fails.

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