951 – 960: Nobility

Right-sense and bashfulness adorn 951
By nature only the noble-born.
The noble-born lack not these three: 952
Good conduct, truth and modesty.
Smile, gift, sweet words and courtesy 953
These four mark true nobility.
Even for crores, the noble mood 954
Cannot bend to degrading deed.
The means of gift may dwindle; yet 955
Ancient homes guard their noble trait.
Who guard their family prestige pure 956
Stoop not to acts of cunning lure.
The faults of nobly-born are seen 957
Like on the sky the spots of moon.
If manners of the good are rude 958
People deem their pedigree crude.
Soil’s nature is seen in sprout 959
The worth of birth from words flow out.
All gain good name by modesty 960
Nobility by humility.

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