941 – 950: Medicine

Wind, bile and phlegm three cause disease 941
So doctors deem it more or less.
After digestion one who feeds 942
His body no medicine needs.
Eat food to digestive measure 943
Life in body lasts with pleasure.
Know digestion; with keen appetite 944
Eat what is suitable and right.
With fasting adjusted food right 945
Cures ills of life and makes you bright
Who eats with clean stomach gets health 946
With greedy glutton abides ill-health.
who glut beyond the hunger’s fire 947
Suffer from untold diseases here.
Test disease, its cause and cure 948
And apply remedy that is sure.
Let the skilful doctor note 949
The sickmen, sickness, season and treat.
Patient, doctor, medicine and nurse 950
Are four-fold codes of treating course.

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