931 – 940: Gambling

Avoid gambling, albeit you win 931
Gulping bait-hook what does fish gain?
Can gamblers in life good obtain 932
Who lose a hundred one to gain?
If kings indulge in casting dice 933
All their fortune will flow to foes.
Nothing will make you poor like game 934
Which adds to woes and ruins fame.
The game, game-hall and gambler’s art 935
Who sought with glee have come to nought.
Men swallowed by the ogress, dice 936
Suffer grief and want by that vice.
If men their time in game-den spend 937
Ancestral wealth and virtues end.
Game ruins wealth and spoils grace 938
Leads to lies and wretched woes.
Dress, wealth, food, fame, learning-these five 939
In gambler’s hand will never thrive.
Love for game grows with every loss 940
As love for life with sorrows grows.

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