921 – 930: Not Drinking Liquor

Foes fear not who for toddy craze 921
The addicts daily their glory lose.
Drink not liquor; but let them drink 922
Whom with esteem the wise won’t think.
The drunkard’s joy pains ev’n mother’s face 923
How vile must it look for the wise?
Good shame turns back from him ashamed 924
Who is guilty of wine condemned.
To pay and drink and lose the sense 925
Is nothing but rank ignorance.
They take poison who take toddy 926
And doze ev’n like a dead body.
The secret drunkards’ senses off 927
Make the prying public laugh.
Don’t say “I’m not a drunkard hard” 928
The hidden fraud is known abroad.
Can torch search one in water sunk? 929
Can reason reach the raving drunk?
The sober seeing the drunkard’s plight 930
On selves can’t they feel same effect?

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