911 – 920: Wanton Women

For gold, not love their tongue cajoles 911
Men are ruined by bangled belles.
Avoid ill-natured whores who feign 912
Love only for their selfish gain.
The false embrace of whores is like 913
That of a damned corpse in the dark.
The wise who seek the wealth of grace 914
Look not for harlots’ low embrace.
The lofty wise will never covet 915
The open charms of a vile harlot.
Those who guard their worthy fame 916
Shun the wanton’s vaunting charm.
Hollow hearts alone desire 917
The arms of whores with hearts elsewere.
Senseless fools are lured away 918
By arms of sirens who lead astray.
The soft jewelled arms of whores are hell 919
Into which the degraded fall.
Double-minded whores, wine and dice 920
Are lures of those whom fortune flies.

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