901 – 910: Being led by Women

Who dote on wives lose mighty gain 901
That lust, dynamic men disdain.
Who dotes, unmanly, on his dame 902
His wealth to him and all is shame.
Who’s servile to his wife always 903
Shy he feels before the wise.
Fearing his wife salvationless 904
The weaklings’ action has no grace.
Who fears his wife fears always 905
Good to do to the good and wise.
Who fear douce arms of their wives 906
Look petty even with god-like lives.
Esteemed more is women bashful 907
Than man servile unto her will.
By fair-browed wives who are governed 908
Help no friends nor goodness tend.
No virtue riches nor joy is seen 909
In those who submit to women.
Thinkers strong and broad of heart 910
By folly on fair sex do not dote.

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