891 – 900: Offend not the Great

Not to spite the mighty ones 891
Safest safeguard to living brings.
To walk unmindful of the great 892
Shall great troubles ceaseless create.
Heed not and do, if ruin you want 893
Offence against the mighty great.
The weak who insult men of might 894
Death with their own hands invite.
Where can they go and thrive where 895
Pursued by powerful monarch’s ire?
One can escape in fire caught 896
The great who offends escapes not.
If holy mighty sages frown 897
Stately gifts and stores who can own?
When hill-like sages are held small 898
The firm on earth lose home and all.
Before the holy sage’s rage 899
Ev’n Indra’s empire meets damage.
Even mighty aided men shall quail 900
If the enraged holy seers will.

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