881 – 890: Secret Foe

Traitorous kinsmen will make you sad 881
As water and shade do harm when bad.
You need not sword-like kinsmen fear 882
Fear foes who feign as kinsmen dear.
The secret foe in days evil 883
Will cut you, beware, like potters’ steel.
The evil-minded foe within 884
Foments trouble, spoils kinsmen!
A traitor among kinsmen will 885
Bring life-endangering evil.
Discord in kings’ circle entails 886
Life-destroying deadly evils.
A house hiding hostiles in core 887
Just seems on like the lid in jar.
By secret spite the house wears out 888
Like gold crumbling by file’s contact.
Ruin lurks in enmity 889
As slit in sesame though it be.
Dwell with traitors that hate in heart 890
Is dwelling with snake in selfsame hut.

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