861 – 870: Noble Hostility

Turn from strife with foes too strong 861
With the feeble for battle long.
Loveless, aidless, powerless king 862
Can he withstand an enemy strong?
Unskilled, timid, miser, misfit 863
He is easy for foes to hit.
The wrathful restive man is prey 864
To any, anywhere any day.
Crooked, cruel, tactless and base 865
Any foe can fell him with ease.
Blind in rage and mad in lust 866
To have his hatred is but just.
Pay and buy his enmity 867
Who muddles chance with oddity.
With no virtue but full of vice 868
He loses friends and delights foes.
The joy of heroes knows no bounds 869
When timid fools are opponents.
Glory’s light he will not gain 870
Who fails to fight a fool and win.

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