851 – 860: Hatred

Hatred is a plague that divides 851
And rouses illwill on all sides.
Rouse not hatred and confusion 852
Though foes provoke disunion.
Shun the plague of enmity 853
And win everlasting glory.
Hate-the woe of woes destroy; 854
Then joy of joys you can enjoy.
Who can overcome them in glory 855
That are free from enmity?
His fall and ruin are quite near 856
Who holds enmity sweet and dear.
They cannot see the supreme Truth 857
Who hate and injure without ruth.
To turn from enmity is gain 858
Fomenting it brings fast ruin.
Fortune favours when hate recedes 859
Hatred exceeding ruin breeds.
All evils come from enmity 860
All goodness flow from amity.

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