841 – 850: Petty Conceit

Want of wisdom is want of wants 841
Want of aught else the world nev’r counts.
When fool bestows with glee a gift 842
It comes but by getter’s merit.
The self-torments of fools exceed 843
Ev’n tortures of their foes indeed.
Stupidity is vanity 844
That cries “We have sagacity”
Feigning knowledge that one has not 845
Leads to doubt ev’n that he has got.
Fools their nakedness conceal 846
And yet their glaring faults reveal.
The fool that slights sacred counsels 847
Upon himself great harm entails.
He listens not nor himself knows 848
Plague is his life until it goes.
Sans Self-sight in vain one opens Sight 849
To the blind who bet their sight as right.
To people’s “Yes” who proffer “No” 850
Deemed as ghouls on earth they go.

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