831 – 840: Folly

This is folly’s prominent vein 831
To favour loss and forego gain.
Folly of follies is to lead 832
A lewd and lawless life so bad.
Shameless, aimless, callous, listless 833
Such are the marks of foolishness.
No fool equals the fool who learns 834
Knows, teaches, but self-control spurns.
The fool suffers seven fold hells 835
In single birth of hellish ills.
A know-nothing fool daring a deed 836
Not only fails but feels fettered.
Strangers feast and kinsmen fast 837
When fools mishandle fortunes vast.
Fools possessing something on hand 838
Like dazed and drunken stupids stand.
Friendship with fools is highly sweet 839
For without a groan we part.
Entrance of fools where Savants meet 840
Looks like couch trod by unclean feet.

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