821 – 830: False Friendship

The friendship by an enemy shown 821
Is anvil in time, to strike you down.
Who pretend kinship but are not 822
Their friendship’s fickle like woman’s heart.
They may be vast in good studies 823
But heartfelt-love is hard for foes.
Fear foes whose face has winning smiles 824
Whose heart is full of cunning guiles.
Do not trust in what they tell 825
Whose mind with your mind goes ill.
The words of foes is quickly seen 826
Though they speak like friends in fine.
Trust not the humble words of foes 827
Danger darts from bending bows.
Adoring hands of foes hide arms 828
Their sobbing tears have lurking harms.
In open who praise, at heart despise 829
Cajole and crush them in friendly guise.
When foes, in time, play friendship’s part 830
Feign love on face but not in heart.

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