811 – 820: Bad Friendship

Swallowing love of soulless men 811
Had better wane than wax anon.
Who fawn in wealth and fail in dearth 812
Gain or lose; such friends have no worth.
Cunning friends who calculate 813
Are like thieves and whores wicked.
Better be alone than trust in those 814
That throw in field like faithless horse.
Friends low and mean that give no help- 815
Leave them is better than to keep.
Million times the wise man’s hate 816
Is better than a fool intimate.
Ten-fold crore you gain from foes 817
Than from friends who are vain laughers.
Without a word those friends eschew 818
Who spoil deeds which they can do.
Even in dreams the tie is bad 819
With those whose deed is far from word.
Keep aloof from those that smile 820
At home and in public revile.

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