801 – 810: Intimacy

That friendship is good amity 801
Which restrains not one’s liberty.
Friendship’s heart is freedom close; 802
Wise men’s duty is such to please.
Of long friendship what is the use 803
Righteous freedom if men refuse?
Things done unasked by loving friends 804
Please the wise as familiar trends!
Offence of friends feel it easy 805
As folloy or close intimacy.
They forsake not but continue 806
In friendship’s bounds though loss ensue.
Comrades established in firm love 807
Though ruin comes waive not their vow.
Fast friends who list not tales of ill 808
Though wronged they say “that day is well”.
To love such friends the world desires 809
Whose friendship has unbroken ties.
Even foes love for better ends 810
Those who leave not long-standing friends.

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