791 – 800: Testing Friendship

Than testless friendship nought is worse 791
For contacts formed will scarcely cease.
Friendship made without frequent test 792
Shall end in grief and death at last.
Temper, descent, defects and kins 793
Trace well and take companions.
Take as good friend at any price 794
The nobly born who shun disgrace.
Who make you weep and chide wrong trends 795
And lead you right are worthy friends.
Is there a test like misfortune 796
A rod to measure out kinsmen?
Keep off contacts with fools; that is 797
The greatest gain so say the wise.
Off with thoughts that depress the heart 798
Off with friends that in woe depart.
Friends who betray at ruin’s brink 799
Burn our mind ev’n at death to think.
The blameless ones as friends embarace; 800
Give something and give up the base.

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