781 – 790: Friendship

Like friendship what’s so hard to gain? 781
That guards one against acts villain?
Good friendship shines like waxing moon, 782
The bad withers like waning moon.
Like taste in books good friendship grows 783
The more one moves the more he knows.
Not to laugh is friendship made 784
But to hit when faults exceed.
No close living nor clasping grip 785
Friendship’s feeling heart’s fellowship.
Friendship is not more smile on face 786
It is the smiling heart’s embrace.
From ruin friendship saves and shares 787
The load of pain and right path shows.
Friendship hastens help in mishaps 788
Like hands picking up dress that slips.
Friendship is enthroned on the strength 789
That always helps with utmost warmth.
“Such we are and such they are!” 790
Ev’n this boast will friendship mar.

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