771 – 780: Military Pride

Stand not before my chief, O foes! 771
Many who stood, in stones repose.
To lift a lance that missed a tusker 772
Is prouder than shaft that hit a hare.
Valour is fight with fierce courage 773
Mercy to the fallen is its edge.
At the tusker he flings his lance 774
One in body smiles another chance.
When lances dart if heroes wink 775
“It is a rout” the world will think.
The brave shall deem the days as vain 776
Which did not battle-wounds sustain.
Their anklets aloud jingle their name 777
Who sacrifice their life for fame.
The king may chide, they pursue strife; 778
They fear loss of glory; not life.
Who will blame the heroes that lose 779
Their lives in war to keep their vows?
Such a death shall be prayed for 780
Which draws the the tears of the ruler.

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