761 – 770: The Glory of Army

The daring well-armed winning force 761
Is king’s treasure and main resource.
Through shots and wounds brave heroes hold 762
Quailing not in fall, the field.
Sea-like ratfoes roar … What if? 763
They perish at a cobra’s whiff.
The army guards its genial flame 764
Not crushed, routed nor marred in name.
The real army with rallied force 765
Resists even Death-God fierce.
Manly army has merits four:- 766
Stately-march, faith, honour, valour.
Army sets on to face to foes 767
Knowing how the trend of war goes.
Army gains force by grand array 768
Lacking in stay or dash in fray.
Army shall win if it is free 769
From weakness, aversion, poverty.
With troops in large numbers on rolls 770
Army can’t march missing gen’rals.

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