751 – 760: Ways of Making Wealth

Naught exists that can, save wealth 751
Make the worthless as men of worth.
The have-nothing poor all despise 752
The men of wealth all raise and praise.
Waneless wealth is light that goes 753
To every land and gloom removes.
The blameless wealth from fairest means 754
Brings good virtue and also bliss.
Riches devoid of love and grace 755
Off with it; it is disgrace!
Escheats, derelicts; spoils of war 756
Taxes duties are king’s treasure.
Grace the child of love is nourished 757
By the wet-nurse of wealth cherished.
Treasures in hand fulfil all things 758
Like hill-tuskers the wars of kings.
Make wealth; there is no sharper steel 759
The insolence of foes to quell.
They have joy and virtue at hand 760
Who acquire treasures abundant.

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