741 – 750: Fortress

The fort is vital for offence 741
Who fear the foes has its defence.
A crystal fount, a space a mount 742
Thick woods form a fort paramount.
An ideal fort’s so says science: 743
High, broad, strong and hard for access.
Ample in space, easy to hold 744
The fort foils enemies bold.
Impregnable with stores of food 745
Cosy to live-That fort is good.
A fort is full of stores and arms 746
And brave heroes to meet alarms.
Besieging foes a fort withstands 747
Darts and mines of treacherous hands.
A fort holds itself and defies 748
The attacks of encircling foes.
A fort it is that fells the foes 749
And gains by deeds a name glorious.
But a fort however grand 750
Is nil if heroes do not stand.

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