731 – 740: The Country

It’s country which has souls of worth 731
Unfailing yields and ample wealth.
The Land has large luring treasure 732
Where pests are nil and yields are sure.
It’s land that bears pressing burdens 733
And pays its tax which king demands.
It is country which is free from 734
Fierce famine, plague and foemen’s harm.
Sects and ruinous foes are nil 735
No traitors in a land tranquil.
The land of lands no ruin knows 736
Even in grief its wealth yet grows.
Waters up and down, hills and streams 737
With strong forts as limbs country beams.
Rich yield, delight, defence and wealth 738
Are jewels of lands with blooming health.
A land is land which yields unsought 739
Needing hard work the land is nought.
Though a land has thus every thing 740
It is worthless without a king.

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