721 – 730: Courage before Councils

The pure fail not in power of words 721
Knowing grand council’s moods and modes.
Among scholars he is scholar 722
Who holds scholars with learned lore.
Many brave foes and die in fields 723
The fearless few face wise councils.
Impress the learned with your lore 724
From greater savants learn still more.
Grammar and logic learn so that 725
Foes you can boldly retort.
To cowards what can sword avail 726
And books to those who councils fail?
Like eunuch’s sword in field, is vain 727
His lore who fears men of brain.
Though learned much his lore is dead 728
Who says no good before the good.
Who fear to face good assembly 729
Are learned idiots, certainly.
They are breathing dead who dare not 730
Empress before the wise their art.

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